How to Draw Fireworks

Artist: Dawn / May 25, 2011

Step 1.

Draw a small circle for the first firework.

Step 2.

Inside of the first circle or firework you drew in step one, begin sketching out a star-burst like design like so.

Step 3.

Look how simple it is so far when you draw your first firework. Here all you have to do is draw out the sparks that are falling away from the burst. The lines should vary in lengths like so.

Step 4.

Once you draw out some of the smaller sparks out from the center, here you will draw out some blasting bursts that are in the form of odd stars.

Step 5.

Complete this tutorial by drawing out some more star bursts, and as you can see when you are all done, you will have your self an awesome display of some really cool fireworks.

Step 6.

This is how your drawing should come out looking when you are all done. Now you can color in your fireworks to your liking, and be finished with this tutorial.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 25, 2011
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Description: So today my little sister came to me and asked if I could make a tutorial for her that can show "how to draw fireworks", step by step. She wanted a lesson like this because her new favorite song is ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry and for some reason she wants to draw a picture of herself with a burst of fireworks coming out of her chest like the people had in the video. This tutorial is going to be a very simple lesson to follow. I think that you will have fun as you create a fantastic display of one of the best visions of summer. Every year I wait for the fourth of July because that is the day that we Americans celebrate our independence, something that we have taken for granted over the past twenty years but more so just over the past five. I had a lot of fun drawing out the bursts, sparkles, and explosions in this tutorial on how to draw fireworks. My little sister was so happy when I showed her what I had done. She especially likes the colors I used for the firework display. Thanks for joining me with this lesson guys; I hope you have fun as you live out your drawing day!