How to Draw Feet for Anime Characters


This first tip just shows you what is acceptable for feet, and what is not. As you can see the two feet from left to right are okay to draw, but the foot at the end is not. Toes have angles because of the shape of the bone in each toe. We do not have   


In this next example of anime feet, each foot at the top shows the correct way to draw a foot in action and one that is just on the ground. Notice that the arch of the foot and toes always remain distinct and have form and shape to their structure.


When drawing a foot from the front point of view, you will need to make sure that the toes are spread apart in an even manner like the example shows you here.


This is just a simple diagram of an anime foot being viewed from the bottom. When do you see a foot from the bottom? Well, if you draw an anime person laying down with their legs up in the air or in an action pose, you will come across the task to kn   


Drawing guidelines to create an anime foot pose is important when drawing the actual foot. When you do this, all you are really drawing is the outline of the actual foot. I have some examples on what I'm talking about here so you can understand my wa   


Here is the same picture of the anime feet that I just showed you guides on. You can get a sense of what each foot looks like when the lesson starts or which pair of feet you will be drawing.


Now let's draw some anime feet shall we? Start with the basic guides for the ankles and feet like you see here.


Up next, you will draw the top portion of the foot along with the toes as you see here.


Using the guide shape you made previously, draw in the arch of the foot shape along with the heel and ankle.


For this step you will use the guides to draw in the entire second foot including toes.


Draw in some nails and you're done. Erase the mistakes and guides you made along the way.


The lesson is complete. You can now color in your drawing or use the knowledge you just gained with this lesson on drawing feet for anime characters with your next anime character.

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April 26, 2017

Description: I'm sure you are well aware that this lesson is going to show you how to draw feet for anime characters, step by step with helpful tips. The one thing that you have to be sure of is to take your time whenever you are learning from a lesson on a subject that has been challenging for you to tackle and complete. For a while all my anime characters were drawn in a deformed, unproportioned state leaving them looking very amateurish and almost unsightly. With perseverance and determination, I kept going at it and never gave up when it came to draw anime. Whether I drew anime hands, feet or faces, I knew I would one day get it right. Now that I am pretty confident and drawing anime limbs, I can now share with your what took me so long to learn on my own. I do hope you enjoy this lesson.

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