How to Draw Elsa For Kids

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Start off with the guidelines and shapes. Draw a circle for the head guide and then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the shoulder guidelines.


Okay, define the shape of Elsa's face and when you do that draw the chunky curl that falls on her forehead.


You will now use the facial guidelines to draw in her big pretty eyes. The lashes should be thick and bold as well as her lid lines. Don't forget to draw eyelids and then her thick eyebrows. To finish this step draw the freckles and her nose.


Finish Elsa's face by drawing her smile and coloring the lips.


Lastly, draw all of Elsa's hairstyle which is pulled back into a thick braid. You can erase the mistakes and the guides to clean up the drawing.


That's all there is to it when it comes to drawing Elsa from Frozen for kids. Color in this pretty ice princess and show off your drawing to the world.

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April 16, 2019

Description: I know it took a while, but here is the second installment of a Frozen character that we all know and love. As I mentioned with the drawing lesson on Anna for kids, Frozen 2 is coming out this year (2019) and it is expected to be big. Since a lot of young artists are huge fans of Frozen, I thought making some lessons on the main characters in a "for kids" style would be needed and appreciated. So here is how to draw Elsa for kids, step by step. I do hope you like this tutorial. I had a lot of fun making Elsa again because she just happens to be my favorite character from Frozen. I will be back with some other tuts for you in a while but for now have fun with drawing Elsa for kids. Adios amigos and let it go!

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