How to Draw Creepy Elsa

Artist: sapphiere / January 29, 2015

Step 1.

Alrighty then, let's start with the outline. Start with a circle for the head, complete with two curved lines that meet where you want the chin. Also outline where you want the arms, as well as one line to create the center of gravity.

Step 2.

Draw the line which will become the outline of Elsa's face. Tip; the nose and chin stick the same distance out, the deepest dip should be between the bottom lip and chin. Also, sketch out a simple little castle. Don't worry too much about detail just   

Step 3.

Draw the ear on the line through the guide circle (this will be in line with the eyes as well) Add the neck and simple figure as shown.

Step 4.

Sketch in the cape; it should mostly follow the figure before fanning out at the bottom. Also draw one piece of hair, which continues to become the part in Elsa's hair. Add detail to the ear and add a slight smile.

Step 5.

Add a curl of hair before the ear, then draw a second hairline which stops just past the neck. Draw lips around the smile (sorry not in green). Also draw in the thin arms and bum. (this step got deleted so I had to redo it, sorry for any inconsistenc   

Step 6.

Draw in the hair. The part facing away looks like a bunch of bumps, the closer just follows the guide circle before it curls around the line we drew last step. Draw in the part where the cape curves behind Elsa's body. Also sketch in the closer hand    

Step 7.

Draw the further hand (again, no tips, sorry) and draw the braid. The braid follows the style of the hair; it just looks like a few bumps with a curl on the end.

Step 8.

Finish by moving your pencil in quick loops for the eye (be confident! don't hesitate, otherwise you'll get a line that's shaky and/or too thick) Erase all guidelines and overlaps.

Step 9.

Then just color with whatever media you prefer. Please comment on my profile if you try this; I would love love LOVE to see what you guys do with it! Stay creepy ;) ~Sapphiere

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Artist: sapphiere
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Description: Hey there! So, first tutorial (woo)! If you haven't seen my artwork, I'll just say that I love creepy things and especially turning normal things creepy. There will most likely be a creepy Anna, or if theres a specific Disney princess you guys want creepy-fied, comment below! :)