How to Draw Sobble, Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Start off with a circle for Sobble's head/face shape.


Next, draw in the expressive face starting with the oval shaped eyes, the eyeballs in the center of the eye shapes, and then draw a circle on each cheek that rests just at the bottom line of the eye. When that is done you can draw the mouth and color   


Here you will draw the rounded tall tuft at the top of the head like you see here. Then when that is done you can draw the arms and two fingered hands for the body.


Up next, draw the bottom part of the body which is the belly, legs and feet. Notice how Sobble has a chameleon shaped body.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the long curled tail. That's it. Erase the mistakes and the guides to clean up the drawing.


Color Sobble in and show off your work by uploading the finished, colored drawing.

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March 16, 2019

Description: Now the Pokemon from Sword and Shield you have been waiting for. Here is the adorable tutorial on how to draw Sobble, step by step from Sword and Shield. For some reason Sobble happens to be a very popular Pokemon from the new game. I see a lot of concept art on Sobble and I guess people can't get enough of him. As you can plainly see based on the appearance, Sobble is a water type Pokemon. It is also a fairly new Pokemon as is Grookey and Scorbunny. Information on these new Pokemon species will change the more they are in the system and used. I think many of you will fall in love with this lesson on drawing Sobble so go ahead and have fun and let me know if you enjoyed the tut by leaving some comments, sharing and likes. Adiso people and enjoy.

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