How to Draw Cinderella

Artist: Dawn / March 14, 2008

Step 1.

Let's start by making some basic guides to form a workable frame for your Cinderella. Begin by making her head and torso shape, then draw one guide down the middle of her body like so.

Step 2.

Using the circle you drew in step one, begin sketching out the structure of her face like so. Once that is done, you can start drawing in her hair. Start with the puffy bangs, and then make her headband, as well as her bun.

Step 3.

Cinderella's head and hair is all drawn in. You will continue on by sketching in her face. Start with the eyebrows, and then draw her very pretty eyes, as well as lashes, eyeballs, and then draw her nose, and mouth. Don't forget the lips.

Step 4.

You are now ready to draw the neck, shoulders, and then sketch out her torso and waist. As you can see Cinderella has a nicely shaped waist. Draw the puffy sleeves, and then draw her arms, hands, and elbow length gloves.

Step 5.

For this next step you will draw the petal shaped flaps that is part of Cinderella's dress and as you can see the flaps are attached to the waist. Next, draw a center stitch line that adds beauty to her dress, and then draw her collar.

Step 6.

It is now time to draw out the bell shape of her long, beautiful gown of Cinderella's dress. As you can see it is not just stiffly falling. Instead, it is flowing, and is in motion. The pleats and creases of her dress should flow nicely when drawn ou   

Step 7.

Continue to Sketch in the pleats on her dress, and then draw in the ruffled underskirt that she wears. Draw the foot as well as her glass slipper. Clean up the drawing and prepare her for color.

Step 8.

The line art comes out looking amazing. Cinderella is all ready to color in as you can see. I hope you enjoyed drawing Cinderella.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Welcome back fellow artist to the fastest growing tutorial site on the web. Today you will be learning "how to draw Cinderella" from the Walt Disney collection. This is a week for all kinds of cartoon characters. So what I’m doing is making tutorials on my favorite characters of all time so far. Why Cinderella you ask, well for starters she is one of the prettiest female animated stars from Disney, and secondly, she is one of my favorite. Everyone knows Cinderella and her sad story. Before I show you how to draw her, I will talk a bit about the story of this lonely girl with the patience of an angel. Okay, so the story goes like this; there was a girl who lived with just her father after her mother dies when she was extremely young. As time went by Cinderella’s father met a woman who he fell in love with and married. The woman had two daughters of her own that where right around Cinderella’s age. Right away her step mother was seemingly jealous of the beautiful Cinderella and the close bond that she shared with her father. One day her father left and he was going to be gone for a few weeks. Word came around that her father had passed away quite suddenly, hearing the news the wicked stepmother was some what over joyed that she had full control over the house and over poor heart broken Cinderella. The wicked step mother sent the young beauty to live in the attic and ordered her to basically be a slave and wait hand and foot on her two step sisters and her black hearted stepmother. Even though the house belonged to Cinderella, she knew there would be no way to regain her father’s house back from that mean old witch. One day there was a noticed posted that the prince will be holding a ball to find his new wife and become King. When the wicked stepmother heard of this she immediately gathered up her two daughters and told them to prepare for the ball. Her plan was to have the prince marry one of her hideous looking daughters so that they will have a shot at the throne. When Cinderella walked in and heard what the fuss was about she said in a kind soft voice “Oh that means I can go too?" Stepmother agreed and said "yes dear you can go, but only after you get all of your choirs done". Cinderella jumped for joy and went about her business as usual trying to finish up before it was time for the ball. As the day passed Cinderella knew that she wasn’t going to make it to the ball after all. Her stepmother and two stepsisters left without her. Cinderella was upset and felt totally hopeless, and then her fairy Godmother appeared and did a little magic so that Cinderella could go to the ball. But there was a catch, she had to be back by midnight because the spell will break at that time and she was going to be turned back into a servant girl. As the story progresses, she meets the prince they fall in love and after she runs out on him a single glass slipper falls off and he searches for her by having young maidens try on the slipper until he finds his Cinderella. As we all know he does in fact find her and they get married and live happily ever after. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Cinderella", step by step. The instructions are simple and easy to read. Have fun and maybe one day your prince or princess will come.