How To Draw Ariel

Artist: Dawn / May 2, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes of Ariel. Start by drawing the shape of her head and then her torso. After that draw a well rounded "W" for her chest and continue to draw the guidelines for her tail, arms, and hai   

Step 2.

In this step you will be drawing out the beginning steps of her face. Draw two small circles of her eyes and then her nose and mouth. After that draw out the shape of her long red hair as shown above. Now detail her chesty by making the design of she   

Step 3.

Now draw in her eyes like the eye balls and eyelashes. Now draw in the detailing of her hair as shown above. Finish off her left hand by drawing in her fingers. Move to the right and draw the rest of her arm there. Now draw out the shape of her tail    

Step 4.

The last step is to detail her fin and if you are not going to be coloring your piece in Photoshop then draw in scales for her tail as well. After you finish drawing in this last step, erase all the guidelines and circle shapes.

Step 5.

In this step, you will finish off the rest of her mermaid body. The tail needs to have its form and so does the fins. I like Ariel's fins. They look really cute on her. When you draw them, always start out with two lines that come from the sides of t   

Step 6.

This is what Ariel should look like when you are completely done. Just sketch out a rock for her to sit on and your all set. Color her in and add her to your collection. That will do it on this tutorial on how to draw Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 2, 2008
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Description: Hello again everybody and welcome to DragoArt. Today I will be submitting a lesson on another princess from the Disney artists, and writers. SHe is a soukny redhead that dreams of having something more, you will learn "how to draw Ariel" from The Little Mermaid, step by step. I know a lot of other sites have her image as a tutorial but I love her so I have no choice but to draw Ariel for you now. Besides she is a Disney Princess, and we all know that these girls need their publicity. I think she is pretty, sweet, and kind. She also holds a sort of sadness that makes her even more likeable. Before I get into the details on showing you "how to draw The Little Mermaid", I want to talk about her a bit. I’m sure everyone has seen the Disney movie right? Well if you haven’t than I will give you a quick drive by on who she is, what her dreams are, and how the fairytale ends. First she is the youngest out of all her sisters and her father is King Triton ruler of the sea. Ariel if you haven’t guest is a mermaid and she is only 16 years old. She dreams of life out of the sea and what it would be like living amongst humans walking their streets and dancing to their songs. Her best friend is a flounder named Flounder, and he loves Ariel and will do anything for her. The two often go on adventures looking for sunken ships to uncover odd objects left behind like forks, spoons, pipes, and other unique things she has never seen or touched before. Of course when she finds her trinkets and gadgets she needs to know what they are so what does she do, she travels above the surface and shows her findings to a seagull named Scuttle. Even though he has no idea what he is talking about he manages to conjure up a definition for everything that Ariel brings his way. Of course her father King Triton wants nothing to do with her mingling with humans. He believes that they are harpooning fish eaters and they will just harm his daughter. He is very protective of her and only wants the best for all his children. Ariel refuses to listen to her dad and takes off. Triton asks his loyal assistant Sebastian to follow Ariel and watch were she goes and what she does. While Ariel sobs in her hidden cave she notices fireworks above the sea, and of course she is curious to see what is going on. As she submerges out of the water she climbs aboard a ship and looks and sees Prince Eric, a handsome strapping young man that she instantly falls in love with. Eventually the ship catches fire and explodes leaving Prince Eric floating in the water. Ariel wasn’t about to let him drown no matter what her father says. She rescues him and brings him to shore and sings just enough for him to remember her voice. Ariel makes a decision that she will be with her prince one day no matter what. As she returns to the sea she is in a happy mood and only Flounder and Sebastian know why. Sebastian is the small red crab that does Triton’s bidding. Eventually the king finds out that she saved a human and she loved him because of this he is furious and punishes her by destroying all her trinkets that she collected over the years. Ursula the sea witch finds out that Ariel is in love with a prince so she offers to turn her into a human for three days and she will stay that way if she can get the prince to kiss her. They both find each other and eventually destroy Ursula and unite. King Triton gives in to his daughters loving need and transforms her into a human for good. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to draw Ariel from The Little Mermaid. If you want to visit the Disney site you can even color Ariel and you will be there in a sec. Peace out people and have fun!