How to Draw Chibi Hulk Hogan

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Okay like always you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes to give the ol' Hulkster a sturdy frame. Start with a good sized egg shape for his head and add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the shape of his torso and add the muscle guidelin   


In this next step you will begin making the outlines for the shape of his eyes, face and mustache. Next you can start drawing in his shoulders and then start shaping out his chest. Give him some chest muscles and then draw out the shape of his right    


As you can see by now he is starting to look like a Chibi wrestler huh. You will now draw out the circles for his eyes and then finish his mustache lining. Next draw out more of the arms this time the bottom part and then start adding his fingers for   


Now you are ready to erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. You will finish off this step by drawing out the line across his forehead for his bandanna, and then draw out his eyebrows. Next shade in his pupils and finish drawin   


And Wha la! you are done. To complete the drawing of Hulk Hogan all you have to do is color him in his famous yellow colors. Now you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Chibi wrestler Hulk Hogan step by step.

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August 15, 2008

Description: I had a lot of fun drawing that Nacho tutorial I did today. So much fun in fact I decided to do another Chibi wrestler. Now, I know you will all know what wrestler I am talking about as soon as I mention his name. He has been around for decades and he was and still is a well known wrestler from the WWF. I will give you a hint; he has blonde hair, a long blonde mustache, and he wears yellow wrestling attire including a yellow bandana. If you guessed Hulk Hogan you are right! Today’s tutorial will be on "how to draw Hulk Hogan", in chibi form. I remember when I was really young. My uncle used to come over and watch WWF wrestling all the time in my parlor. At the time his favorite wrestler was the Hulkster himself. Now Hulk Hogan made his pro spotlight debut in 1978 and wrestled as "Sterling Golden" before becoming “Hulk”. Now a days I watch the show “Hogan Knows Best” which stars this wrestling pro along with his family. The show is about life in Hogans house and how he deals with being an over protective father and husband. His daughter Brooke is also a performer but in a musical way. Some of you may remember when Hogan stared in that movie where he was some kind of babysitter and at some point he wears a pink tutu. That was funny I seen that a while back with my bro. Any ways this guy was probably one of the most animated wrestling characters around back in those days. Instead of watching him wrestle men, I watch him wrestle life with his family on TV instead. I will show you "how to draw chibi Hulk Hogan", step by step with real easy instructions. After you are done, you will say to yourself “hey, I remember that guy”. I will be back later with another tutorial, so stick around and wait for what’s going up next. Peace out.

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