How to Draw Chibi Janosik


Today I wanna show you how to draw chibi Janosik. Janosik was an outlaw from Slovakian Carpathians, that lived in XVIII century. I think this historical introduction should be enough ;) So let's start. At the beginning draw three ovals - for he   


Now, correct the shape of his head. It should be fat on the bottom. It can looks a little messy, so erase useless lines. Ear should be connected with the bottom of the head. Then erase the botom of the body oval.


Draw two lines for his face guidelines. Then draw two curved lines (they will be his belt) and finish his legs. I think it was pretty easy so far.


To finish the shape of his belt, draw a little curved line. I guess he deserved to draw him a face ;) Eyes are two circles, and eyebrows are two curved lines - one bent up and the second bent down. Then draw a line for the mouth.


Bold the eyes, eyebrows and mouth.


And now it time to draw him hands and clothing. Draw his arms (sleeves) and hands. Then draw Y-shaped line for the shirt.


When you erase useless lines, you will be ready to draw the hat. It has trapezoidal shape and is slightly to the left from top of head.


The hat has a cylindrical shape and is dissected from the back. It is also decorated with eagle feather.


Now it's time to draw his ciupaga. Ciupaga is a walking stick in the shape of an ax. Usually it has metal blade. OK. Handle is easy to draw. It has triangular shape. Shape of the blade is a bit more complicated, but I think that you handle with th   


Erase guidelines and all other useless lines. Now you can bold all lines, if you want ;) or add some shadings and colours...


You can draw him in many ways at your own sweet will ;) For example some like on the picture. That's all, thanks!

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September 3, 2011

Description: A round around the Carpathian Mountains ;)

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