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How to Draw Cerberus Tattoo Art

Artist: Dawn / January 22, 2020
How to Draw Cerberus Tattoo Art

Step 1.

First, draw the basic guidelines that will create the base of the creature.

Step 2.

Let's start the drawing off by sketching the head. This may seem like a lot but break it down visualizing what should be drawn first. I usually always start with the snout and then work my way towards his eyes and lastly the jaws.

Step 3.

Then, draw the remaining ear for this dog head.

Step 4.

Finish this creature's head with the eyeball.

Step 5.

Then, draw the lower jaw and teeth.

Step 6.

Next, sketch the upper row of teeth.

Step 7.

Then, let's shift our focus to the left head, I always tackle the outer perimeters of my subjects first before I go and draw surrounding elements. Draw the foreground subjects or things that are closer to the center before you focus on any of the min   

Step 8.

Then, draw the lower jaw for the left dog head.

Step 9.

Then, draw his ears and some of the nape of his back.

Step 10.

Then, draw the paw to the left after you're done drawing the left dog head.

Step 11.

Next, draw the dog head to the right, which encompasses pretty much the same process with drawing the last 2 dog heads, just all at once in this step.

Step 12.

Then, do a little bit of depth shading to establish perspective.

Step 13.

Next, let's draw the main paw that steals a lot of the attention in this photo.

Step 14.

Then, draw the flames that encompass the Cerberus.

Step 15.

Once you're satisfied with the way the drawing looks, you should have something similar to this. Go ahead and ink er' out and show me and other people how yours came out by submitting here on DragoArt! Peace out until next time :)

Comments (4)
brokengoblet · 1 year ago
HI - would you be willing to license this final colored art for a beer can design?
lexo · 2 years ago
this was sick
Dawn · 1 year ago
thank you
GRMG4011 · 2 years ago
Really fun to draw!!!!
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 22, 2020
Steps: 15
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Comments: 4
Tags: how to draw hounds, how to draw hellhounds, how to draw devil dogs
Description: I'm proud to present this tutorial to you all as it's one of my most favorite pieces. I have been studying a lot of conceptual work that focuses mainly on shapes, proportions, flow, and composition. Been also practicing with my color choices as well. Let me know what you guys think of this!