How to Draw Anime Punk, Punk Girl

Artist: Dawn / February 6, 2018

Step 1.

Start off with an oblong shape for her head guide followed by the long line of motion for the body of this punk style chic. Add the shoulder line as well as another shape for her hand.

Step 2.

Begin drawing the sharp lines that will form the structure of her face. We all concentrate on the lower part of the face shape for now. Sketch in some long straight bangs that are brushed to one side like you see here.

Step 3.

The next thing you want to do is draw out the large shapes for her eyes, then make some bold lines for her eyebrows in a manner to give her a serious or rebellious expression. Draw in her nose as well as her mouth and tongue. Don't forget that tongue   

Step 4.

This is my favorite part. You will now draw in the rest of her head by sketching out the hairstyle. Start at the top of her head and work your way down until you have a set of long straight pigtails with a wavy style. Draw in the elastics for her pig   

Step 5.

You will begin this step by drawing out her neck, then draw the shoulders. Sketch in the stiff looking shirt collar as well as the school girl uniform tie. Draw the left arm as well as her wristband. Sketch in the detailing to her clothes then draw t   

Step 6.

Continue to draw out her torso like so, and as you can see she has a slender, lean body. Draw the bottom of her shirt in an open V style, then sketch in the shapes of her small breasts. You will also need to sketch out the crinkles and folds to her s   

Step 7.

From the hips, draw out her pleated style skirt like so, then draw the pleated lines. You will also need to draw in her hand which is resting on her hip. Erase the lines and shapes as well as your mistakes to clean up the drawing.

Step 8.

Here she is all finished and ready to give someone attitude. Color in your anime style punk girl to your hearts desire.

Step 9.

Here is what the full view of the colored image looks like when you are done. As you can see I had a blast with coloring her in.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Yesterday I wanted to do something fun and inviting so I went ahead and made a tutorial on another anime style figure. I haven't drawn anime in a while so here is how to draw anime punk, step by step in the form of a girl. I drew her while I was live yesterday and I have to say, it was so fun. I missed everyone as we chatted and ranted about sweet nothings as I sat there and drew this sassy looking chic that has spunk and a lot of attitude. I sort of drew this anime style punk girl as I imagined my nine year old sister in eight years from now. This girl has the personality of a spunky chic that is rebellious, rockin, but sweet to the core. I made sure to show that there is a bit of sweetness by dressing her up in a school girls uniform. Her skull designed wristband and funky half pigtails makes her look even more punk as she sits there is gives us the devil horns. I also added a tongue ring because I know a lot of punk have these piercings in their mouths. Anyways, I know for a fact that you guys will enjoy this lesson on drawing an anime punk girl. The colors I chose makes her warm and inviting to tackle, which means I think that she will go to the top 50. I don't know, it seems as though a lot of anime works no matter who it's from makes it to the top 50 sooner or later. I guess that's because there are more than a few people that like lessons based on drawing anime. Whatever, have fun guys and remember to rate, comment or fav this or any tutorial you come across on