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How to Draw Anime Punk, Punk Girl

Artist: / February 6, 2018
How to Draw Anime Punk, Punk Girl

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AlexaTiger · 5 years ago
:yay: it looks good! :)
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 6, 2018
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Tags: draw anime girls, how to draw punk
Description: Yesterday I wanted to do something fun and inviting so I went ahead and made a tutorial on another anime style figure. I haven't drawn anime in a while so here is how to draw anime punk, step by step in the form of a girl. I drew her while I was live yesterday and I have to say, it was so fun. I missed everyone as we chatted and ranted about sweet nothings as I sat there and drew this sassy looking chic that has spunk and a lot of attitude. I sort of drew this anime style punk girl as I imagined my nine year old sister in eight years from now. This girl has the personality of a spunky chic that is rebellious, rockin, but sweet to the core. I made sure to show that there is a bit of sweetness by dressing her up in a school girls uniform. Her skull designed wristband and funky half pigtails makes her look even more punk as she sits there is gives us the devil horns. I also added a tongue ring because I know a lot of punk have these piercings in their mouths. Anyways, I know for a fact that you guys will enjoy this lesson on drawing an anime punk girl. The colors I chose makes her warm and inviting to tackle, which means I think that she will go to the top 50. I don't know, it seems as though a lot of anime works no matter who it's from makes it to the top 50 sooner or later. I guess that's because there are more than a few people that like lessons based on drawing anime. Whatever, have fun guys and remember to rate, comment or fav this or any tutorial you come across on Dragoart.com.