How to Draw Young Xehanort

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Begin with all the guidelines shown here. This will mark where the hair line is as well as the facial features: eyes, nose, mouth, etc.


Now, begin drawing his chin and eyes.


Erase the guidelines and fill in the facial details shown.


Draw his short hair, along with half of his ears on both sides. Then, sketch out his Org. 13 cloak.


Finally, add ALL the detail you see here. This includes: the pupils/eye shines, jacket detail and his hair line to add texture. After this step, you're finished! Hope you liked this tut and don't forget, the next will be Vanitas or if any of you have   

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May 25, 2012

Description: I heard that KH3D came out a few months ago and I'm all spazzed out about it. When I found out about the mysterious figure's identity was found out, I was amazed. All the dark characters always are super hot... whoops! Got carried away there, but it's true like Vanitas... ANYWAYS... in this tut you will learn how to draw Young Xehanort. This is a spoiler. Young Xehanort is the Mysterious Figure from KHBBS. He has a org. 13 cloak with golden eyes and spiky silver hair, like Xehanort, but has the body structure of Terra, just in a younger form like about a teenager. His mission is to assist Master Xehanort in recruiting all of his "vessels" to form the 13 darknesses. So, he's able to travel through time to gather them. But, Xemnas being defeated in the KH3D again, the darkness takes over Sora's heart. Young Xehanort decides to use Sora as his last and final vessel of darkness. So, there's a little summary there for everyone. End Spoiler. Enjoy my "How to Draw Young Xehanort!" Next will be Vanitas and/or any KH requests from you all.

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