How to Draw an Emo Couple


Start off by making two round shapes for the heads of this Goth couple.


Next, draw in the dark, scribble circles for the eyes and draw eyebrows that are in a worried or stressed expression.


Here you will draw the upper body starting with the shoulders and arms. Notice that this figure is hugging onto his knees.


Draw in the bent up legs and then draw the rest of the body which is the hips from being in a sitting pose.


Are you ready to start drawing the girl for this couple? Good, draw the odd shaped eyes. As you can see one is bigger then the other. The drawing style should be the same as the first character eyes you made.


Now draw the shoulders and arms.


Okay, let's draw the left side of her body then draw in the right leg which is going to look folded like she is sitting Indian style.


Lastly, draw the other leg and then add a heart on her chest. That's it, you can color in these two characters or keep them pale. Erase whatever mistakes you might have made.


Here is the finished drawing. Do what you want as far as coloring goes, now you can show off some artwork drawn by you!

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January 18, 2017

Description: Awe, look how cute the ghostly couples are. One has a full red heart and the other is afraid to break out of his shell. As you can see the female is trying to comfort her dear friend/boyfriend by giving him some coaxing as she rubs his back. Today I wanted to make a lesson that I know lots and lots of people would enjoy. Here is how to draw an Emo couple, step by step. I haven't done any tutorials in this concept style in a very long time. I was going through some emails and I found a couple that wanted to see a tut that resembled Pon and Zi in an easier style. Anyways, have fun with this tut. I will be back in a bit so stay tuned in folks.

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