How to Draw Saving Emo

Artist: Dawn / January 9, 2015

Step 1.

Draw in the shapes for both heads like so.

Step 2.

Here you will draw both sets of eyes, and when you do this be sure that the eyes have different expressions on their face. Add tears for the emo above.

Step 3.

Make the straight horizontal line for the ground, and then draw the arms and back for the one emo doing the saving.

Step 4.

Begin to draw the body for the emo who is falling.

Step 5.

Okay, draw the legs and be sure to draw the legs the way you see them positioned here. This will make the emo look like he is struggling to survive.

Step 6.

Lastly, draw the broken heart and erase any mistakes you have made.

Step 7.

This is the line art and as you can see you can start coloring in the two figures you see here.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 9, 2015
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Description: Here is a meaningful drawing that was created to showcase the need we have to others. When we fall we always hope there is going to be someone there to pick you up even if you know there isn't anyone at all. As you can see, the image shows the heart, to the figure below is broken as he falls into the pick of despair. Thankfully this time, there is someone there, and that person is his inner strength. If there is no one there to save us when we fall, we must find it within ourselves the will to survive.