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How to draw a Wolf Girl

Artist: she_wolf999 / June 28, 2014
How to draw a Wolf Girl

Step 1.

Draw the body shapes and line bases for our wolf girl that we are drawing.

Step 2.

Now draw the legs, hips, and trace over the two circles we drew in our previous step. Don't forget to add lines for our arm bases or the triangles for the wolf ears

Step 3.

Now add detail to our wolf girl's ears, and don't forget to add her tail. Also draw her arms and her hair

Step 4.

Now draw our wolf girl's eyes, nose, mouth, and hairline. Also erase any unnecessary lines and add the folds in the clothes. By now, you should have everything finished. You can add personal features to your wolf girl, and voila, you have a wolf girl   

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Artist: she_wolf999
Date Added: June 28, 2014
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Tags: how to draw
Description: Hi everyone, it's be, She Wolf, here with another tutorial. This one is on how to draw a wolf girl. Yes, I know that Dawn already has a tut on how to draw the same thing (I'm not trying to copy you Dawn), but I really felt in the mood to draw a wolf girl. I love wolves, and this is a really cool hybrid. Enjoy!!!!