How to Draw a Whale

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Here is just an explanation on the importance of drawing the lining on the underbelly of the whale. These lines are supposed to add texture to the design to make it look real.


Start off with the basic framework for your whale. This is crucially important because of the shapes your using will build the accurate body of the whale. Begin by drawing a large circle for the base of the body and then the "line of motion" for the    


Next, begin sketching out the top lining to form the whales body shape start at the head, and then moving all the way back past the blow hole like you see here. Next, sketch in the eye.


you can now start sketching out the shape of the whales undercarriage which is the neck, and chest. Once that is done, draw the long shaped fin too.


Before you get to your last drawing step, you have to thicken the mouth lining, and then draw out the other fin. After that, draw the rest of the whales body like you see here, and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one   


ll you have to do now is draw out the belly and chest lines, and then add some subtle detailing on the body like you see here.


When you are all done, this is how your newly drawn whale comes out looking. Color it in and you have yourself an awesome looking humpback whale. I bet you never thought that drawing a whale could be so easy.

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August 25, 2010

Description: Whales are one of the worlds most fascinating animals, and this is usually due to the fact that they are massive in size, and very illusive. There is so many different types of whale species in existence, and some of those whales are either harmless, or harmful. Today, I am going to submit a lesson that will teach you “how to draw a whale", step by step. I have done plenty of whale tutorials in the past, and it’s mainly due to the fact that I love these animals. My kid sister asked me if I could draw her a whale that looked like the one that Tom Hanks seen in the movie “Cast Away”, a while back, and a member also recently asked if I could draw a whale too. So, based on that particular whale that briefly came above the water to look Hanks in the eye, here is one of the easiest whales you will ever draw. The species that you will be drawing, is a very simplified version of a humpback whale. I love the way this drawing came out because not only does it look like a humpback, I also made sure that it would be almost effortless to replicate when you go to draw a whale of such magnificence. Did you know that a humpback whale grow to be fifty two feet long, and nearly eighty thousand pounds? It’s true, these amazing sea mammals are so massive in size, just looking at one would put a person in awe. Well, that is all I have to say, I will now leave you all to try out this tutorial. If you want to see other cool animals drawn into a step by step lesson, just leave me a request, and I will jump to it as soon as possible. Peace out peeps.

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