How to Draw a Water Phoenix

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In this first step you will draw out the guidelines and shapes. Start by drawing out the shape for the phoenix's body with an egg shape. Now on the right hand side draw out the shape of the wing as shown and then draw out the guidelines that are conn   


Now here you will be drawing out the face of the phoenix as well as it's feet. Next sketch out the the feathery details as you can see here. The best thing to do to see all the detailed sketching you have to do is enlarge the image and use the bigger   


Now you will be getting more detailed with your sketching as you will have to add more detailed feathers as shown. Shade in the inside of the phoenix's mouth and eyes. All you will be adding definition to is the top part of the bird and a tail end.


Here in this step you will be sketching out the left wing which is very simple to do. Then you will be drawing in more detail oriented lines on the right wing until you come up with this fabulous detailing as shown to you here. After the wing is sket   


Now is the time to erase any visible guidelines and shapes before you sketch more feathers in because if you do it later it will just be almost impossible to do. After you erase the guidelines you can now sketch in more detailed feathers to add more    


This is what your phoenix should look like when you are through. Now you can color in the bird any color you want to depending on your taste and talent. that will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a water phoenix.

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May 11, 2008

Description: Hey everyone and welcome to DragoArt. Today you will be learning how to draw a Water Phoenix. I was going threw the site and noticed that there is only one tutorial for a phoenix and it was drawn a long time ago. I mean just because it was drawn a while ago doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to draw it, I just thought that an updated different looking version of a phoenix would do some justice. What some people don’t know, and I don’t know if I mentioned this in the old tutorial, but the phoenix varies in hues of fiery reds and multi colored hues like a rainbow which is what the one I drew today looks like. I know I’ve said it all before but let me refresh your memory in case you all forgot. As you may all know the Phoenix is a sacred bird from Greek and Egyptian mythology. Now, the people of Heliopolis in Egypt have a tale on how the Phoenix came to that city once in five hundred years to bury his father and burned him with aromatic gum resin, he was a bird that flew in from Arabia. The Phoenix later buried his father in the Temple of the Sun in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis. As the myth goes, the phoenix lives a long healthful life, when it feels that it’s time has come to an end, the phoenix will then consume itself in a raging bunch of flesh burning flames. Once the phoenix turns to ashes, it immediately resurrects into a young youthful bird from the very ashes which it was burned alive from. Now of course this mythical bird is surrounded by nothing more then folklore and legends. There was never any real proof that this particular sacred bird existed, we only know of it from old paintings drawn out by Egyptians and Greeks. The phoenix bird is now used more for or compared to as a symbol of rebirth or recovery. I think this bird is beautiful regardless if it is from myth, legend, or used for symbolic purposes. The phoenix has been a part of history for a very long time and will remain a favorited bird for life. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a Water Phoenix step by step. I gave special attention to coloring of the Phoenix because I wanted to give off the aura of happiness and new starts. The instructions are easy to understand and read so you will have no problems learning how to draw this sacred animal.

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