How to Draw a Phoenix

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As with all my steps I will tell you to start off with guidelines to help make this tutorial alot easier.Starting at the front, draw a small circle for the front of the head. Then from that draw an oblong shape for the neck of the phoenix, from that    


Here is where you will start to sketch i the face and some of the feathers. Starting at the head you can start sketching in the definition by feathering up the face, and under the beak. Sketch in the phoenix's eye which is an almond shape, feather up   


This step is going to be time consuming because you literally have to sketch out the individual feathers that lay all over the phoenix's body. I always say start at the top and work your way down because you can keep track of what you did and what ne   


This step still consist of detailing and defining the feathers. You are also going to be sketching out the wing that is on the other side of the birds face. Detail that wing as well with feathers and make sure you give the illusion of the feathers be   


Here you have it, my sketch on a phoenix. I labeled this sketch in my book as "phoenix rising. I hope you had fun learning how to draw this firebird that has been around for centuries in many cultures around the world.

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February 9, 2008

Description: In this tutorial I will be showing you how to draw one of my favorite mythical beasts, the Phoenix. This is a sacred bird that is surrounded by fire from the ancient Phoenician mythology. The phoenix is used in many Middle Eastern mythologies, ranging from Persia, Iran, and is the central figure in Lebanese ancient and modern cultures because the Lebanese are actual descendent's of Phoenicians. The phoenix is a large winged bird like animal that has absolutely beautiful gold and red hues of feathers. This mythological creature is often known and called a firebird. Not only did this firebird exist in Middle East ancient folklore, it also has a history in Russia, China, and Taiwan. In Jewish folklore, the phoenix was the only animal that didn’t join Adam in the banishment from Eden. In what city and state is the phoenix used on a flag, and is the seal of the city? That would be the city and county of San Francisco. They use this bird as a symbol expressing the rising from the ashes from a devastating earthquake that killed hundreds in 1906. There is a state that was actually named after this firebird because it suffered several large floods and went through a harsh drought in the early 1900s. The phoenix represents the rebirth of this state after those deadly natural disasters, and the state is known to us today as Phoenix Arizona. All in all this mythical bird is used to describe how humanity never dies. It flies ahead scanning the earth’s distant space. Representing vision of events of our world and environments and how it can quickly unfold and rebuild from the ashes. The phoenix has untouched beauty that will always remain full of life, excitement and inspiration for all of mankind. This is a tutorial on a sketch that I am very fond of. As you will see on the last step I took my time with this sketch, I drew it when I was going through a difficult time in my life and it shows how I raised my head and moved on from all the blows that life had to throw at me. The step by step instructions will show you in detail "how to draw a phoenix". I also make the online steps easy to read and follow. I hope you enjoy this piece of artwork that comes from within. I also have a regular lesson that simply teaches you how to draw a bird. Check it out, you may like what you see.

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