How to Draw a Sky Unicorn

Artist: Dawn / May 11, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step of drawing out the unicorn you will be drawing out the shapes and guidelines. Start by drawing out the shape of the animals body which is a combination of two rounded shapes. Next draw out the guidelines as shown and from the neck    

Step 2.

Now here you will start to draw out the guidelines and shapes of the unicorn's legs and his eyes and bottom portion of the nose. Start with the hind legs and sketch them out slowly using the step as your guide. You will also need to draw the underbel   

Step 3.

As you can tell your unicorn is coming out nicely. Here you will be sketching in the muscle definition that all unicorns and horses have all over there sleek muscular bodies. After the muscles are sketched in start sketching in the tail. Make the tai   

Step 4.

Here you will be sketching in the mane and the horn of the unicorn. When drawing the unicorn you really do want to take your time to ensure that it is done accurately. After the long mane is sketched out shade in the eyes and nostrils. Erase all the    

Step 5.

This is what your finished sketch should look like when you are done. All you need to do is color him/her in any color scheme you like. Wasn't that just simply fun! That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a sky unicorn.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 11, 2008
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Description: This next tutorial is going to be on another unicorn. You will be learning how to draw a sky unicorn. All unicorns are basically the same in myth no matter what different type of breed they are. I know there is a unicorn on here now, but lets face it is out dated and I made it for Christmas. Well guess what? It’s not Christmas anymore. So just in time for spring, I think that this is a good tutorial on a different angle. I also think I made a good choice. Don’t you? As we all know unicorns have been a part of fantasy for many races and countries. The difference is the types of myths that have been passed on over a long time period. Unicorns have been a part of folk tales, songs, poems, and stories for centuries now and the stories are still running strong. Also, the unicorn remains an unsolved mystery as far as being an animal of truth or legend. Now as we all know, the unicorn is usually portrayed as a slender, white horse with a spiraling horn on its forehead. Some believe that the horn possesses magical powers, and some believe that if the horn from the unicorn is stolen by hacking or breaking of some sort, the misery of the animal will be passed on to folks no matter if a part was played by them or not. In the movie “Legend” starring Tom Cruise, the two unicorns are male and female and they keep the evil darkness away by there light that is reflected by love and peace. The unicorn’s horn was sought after by the devil himself so he could bring darkness and evil to earth. The movie was definitely one of the greatest 80’s movies of all time. I still love watching it till this day. I’ve always been into all types of fantasy creatures and myths, I guess I’m an eccentric person at heart, but aren’t we all? Any how you will learn how to draw a unicorn once again with this new tutorial on one of the most beautiful mythological creatures of all time. As long as there is little girls that dream about princes and unicorns, this creature will be around forever.