How to Draw a Stone Cyclops


Let's start off by drawing a large oval for the chest shape, and a smaller oval beneath that for the stomach and pelvis.


We're going to add a ball for each shoulder. From this angle, one shoulder is partly hidden. Draw a little nub below each shoulder for the upper arm. Down below, we'll draw a sausage for each thigh. Below that, we'll add a blocky shape for each lower   


Draw a pair of curves for each forearm. Then add a square shape for the hands. Next draw a circle inside the chest/torso shape for the head.


Draw a small circle within the head for the single eyeball. Below the head, we'll draw a blocky shape for the chin and jaw. Add a center line from the top of the back, down the face and stomach. On the hands, we'll use simple lines to separate the th   


Lighten up your guide drawing. Then we'll begin inking by drawing a blocky V-shape for a unibrow that hangs over the eyeball. Next ink the eyeball outline and add a pupil just off-center. Well, you can put the pupil wherever you want. He could even b   


As we ink the jaw, I've made it a bit rounder than the guide drawing. You can choose the shape you want, but the general ideas is to keep it large and chunky. Draw a little box shape for the tops of each tooth. These teeth will be part of the jaw, so   


Draw a little Z-line or lightning bolt from the eyebrow to the jaw to form the cheekbones and sides of the face. We'll give him little round disc ears, kind of like Majin Buu. Atop his head, we'll add a little stone ridge, and then use simple curves    


For the eye detail, begin by drawing a line outward from the right and left sides of the eyeball. After that, draw a little V-shape in each corner we've created. This gives the appearance of a slight bulge or wrinkle around the eyeball. The upside-do   


As we move to the shoulder, I suggest drawing the blocky mineral shapes first. These are like crystals, sticking out of the shoulder. We can draw the rest of the shoulder around those shapes. The outline is a lot blockier than the guide drawing, as w   


As you continue to ink the body, try to use bold, straight lines. There can be a curve to the lines, but you want to give each shape a feeling of being hard, like a rock. The trick is drawing each section of line quickly, and with confidence. Even th   


Earlier we put a stone ridge on top of the head. We'll do the same type of thing here, with a curved shape going from the back of the head, over the back of the body. Bold, jagged curves complete the outline of the back. On each side of the jaw, we'l   


Now we'll really start to fill out the torso. For the ribs, we'll start with a zigzag that tapers out into a smooth curve. Below the chin, each stomach muscle can be drawn as a rough rectangle, but don't outline each shape entirely. Leave the outer e   


Continue drawing the stomach muscles. Use back-and-forth angles to create interesting shapes. Next we want to draw the second shoulder. Start with the mineral shapes. Then outline the muscle. From there, we'll break each little arm nub into muscle sh   


I wanted to make the body look more jagged and ferocious, so let's draw a bunch of little squares and triangles, and some larger shapes that are almost like teeth. With the outlines drawn, we can add simple angles inside each shape to create the diff   


Whenever drawing hands, I recommend looking at your own hands for reference. Even though these are cartoon hands, it'll good to have things looking as realistic as possible. The first shape we'll focus on is the thumb and the thumb pad of the palm. F   


The angle on each hand is slightly different. You may want to rotate your paper in order to draw the hands at the same angle as you view your own hands. Each finger is drawn as a blocky sausage, and wrinkles form the knuckles. The area where the inde   


The forearms almost look like raisins here, but there's a little logic behind their shapes. Each forearm has two large muscles shapes, and we also need to connect the upper arm to the forearm. If you look at the left arm, there's a loose wrench shape   


Each kneecap is drawn almost like a spoon, with a round end and a thin handle running up the center of each leg. The open circle inside each kneecap creates an indentation. From there, it's just overlapping curves moving into the hips/pelvis.


The sides of each leg below the knee are drawn in a similar way to the cheekbones we drew earlier. A large bulge, and then a cut back inward. It ends up being drawing like a question-mark ? shape here. Below that, large chunks of rock spread outward    


Add some more ? shapes to the inner leg, along with some straight lines at the bottom to fill out the rocky shapes. On one thigh, we need to add a blob of muscle to even things out.


I wanted to add some cracks and tiny rock details here and there, but I also felt the hands needed a bit more detail. Similar to the mineral shapes on the shoulders, we'll add some hard inner edges to create different planes for each palm muscle. We    


Erase the guide drawing, and you should end up with something like this. Fairly simple, but fun to draw. I like this type of hulking character, and I hope you enjoyed following along. Feel free to mix up the details a bit and create your own original   

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October 13, 2014

Description: Hey guys. Starting off a new batch of tutorials with something pretty simple, so everyone should be able to follow along. Hope you enjoy.

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