How to Draw a Cool Monster Tattoo


Let's begin by drawing a body and head guide like so. Sketch in the limb guidelines and then draw the facial guideline.


Here we will draw two legs coming from the head of the beast. We will draw the head in later steps.


Define and detail your legs by adding shading to the legs. Create shoes by using shading as well.


Sketch out the shape of the head and then draw the design of the mouth. Add detailing to the head and move to step five.


Carefully add shading to the head to create a monstrous face. The teeth are also formed with careful shading. We will draw the definition and texture detail as well.


Now it's time to create the body. Do this by sketching out a wrinkled mass that will form the body. All the shoulders should be drawn in as well as the back end which acts as a tail.


Continue to work on the grotesque body by drawing the short, stubby arms and hands for this creatures legs. Add some shading to areas shown, and then color in the end hole of the tail to make it look like something you don't want to look at.


Here you will sketch out the massive tumor coming from the creature's back. Once it's drawn in you will also sketch the lumps, bumps, creases, folds and even some uneven spine bones.


Lastly, take your time as you will sketch in all the detailing, definition and shading. This will create the monster's surface texture as well as bring it to life. Notice the end of the tail is oozing some form of puss. Once you are done with the det   


Once completed you should end up with a drawing that looks like the one you see here. If you do chose to get a tattoo, expect to sit a while because all the detailing and shading will take a while for the tattooist to complete.

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April 17, 2015

Description: I really don't know what to call this drawing, but it's really cool and full of detail. Today I will show you how to draw a cool monster tattoo, step by step. I don't know if someone would actually get something like this inked on their body, but just in case you are in the market for a really cool monster concept, here is an idea for you. I have so many ideas for creepy monsters and this is one of them. I drew this the other day while listening to Pantera and Tool, and the end results came out looking exactly what was in my mind. The feet are human hands and the head is a morphed concept between a human and beast. If you like drawing weird things, this is a lesson for you. It's going to be sort of complicated so take your time and you should be successful. Adios amigos and enjoy.

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