How to Draw a Realistic Bulldog


Use a light sketching pencil to draw in the basic shape of the dog. I used an H pencil for this step. Rely on ovals and circles during this step.


Concentrate on the head now. Sketch in places for the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.


Lightly draw in the folds of skin. Make sure that you aren't using straight lines. Each line follows a natural curve around the dog's face.


Now concentrate on the front half of the dog. Make sure that your lines aren't too sketchy. Draw each line with confidence.


Now work on the dog's mid and rear sections. Remember to use curved lines!


Now apply an outline. It is very important that your outline be smooth and crisp. This is one of the main things that adds realism to the drawing. The thickness and nature of your outline depends on your own personal preference.


Quickly and roughly shade in the darker spots of the dog. This isn't required but it does make it easier for me to see the values later on.


Now start adding details to the face. I like starting with the eyes and moving outward. Use a dark pencil for this and if you have a good mechanical pencil use that too.


finish up the head up to the collar. Pay attention to how I have shaded the face. Don't just scribble in lines. Keep the shading smooth where it needs to be smooth and rough where it needs to be rough.


The head was the hardest part. If you had that down the rest of the body should be easy. Concentrate on the shading in sections starting now with the chest and front legs.


Now move on to the mid section and remember to pay attention to the shading on the skin folds. Since bull dogs have such short fur, you don't have to worry as much about line direction.


Finish up by shading the little tail and hind legs. I decided to add a patch of grass on the ground but you are free to do anything. I hope this tutorial was helpful and informative and encourage you all to check out my other dog tutorials.

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June 7, 2011

Description: This is probably one of my favorite tutorials so far! I've never had a bulldog but there's just something admirable about them in my opinion.

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