How to Draw a Purple Japanese Dragon

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Start this first drawing step by making the guidelines and shapes for the frame of the dragon. Start with the shape of her small circle head and then add the slightly curved antler and snout lines. You will then add an eye line as well. Next draw a l   


Now in this step you will be drawing out the jaw part of the dragons mouth as well as the razor like mouth lining as seen here. Once that is complete you will draw out the shapes of the horns and then thicken the body lining so that you have a full l   


As you can see once you are done with step three your purple Japanese dragon will look more dragony. Start this step by adding some detail on the forehead of the dragons head and then draw out the shape of her ear. You will then give this pretty drag   


Well you have finally made it to your last drawing step and here you will draw out the fiery looking hair that starts in back of the horns and flows all the way down the back and ends above the hind leg. You will sketch in the rest of the tail hair a   


Once you are complete your dragon should look like this. All you have to do now is color her in to your suiting. That is it, you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a purple Japanese dragon step by step.

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November 29, 2008

Description: Hello everybody I am finally back with my third drawing lesson of the day. I thought that I would break the fifty mark and submit a tutorial on another dragon. I will be showing you how to draw a purple Japanese dragon step by step today. I have been waiting to do another drawing on a dragon and I was inspired even more to draw a Japanese style dragon because of one of the tutorials that I will be putting up in a bit. I absolutely love dragons but unfortunately I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of sketching on them. I know that right now DragoArt has a total of fifty dragon drawing tutorials that have been submitted by me and other members of the site. I was originally going to do either a fire dragon or an ice dragon because I wanted it to go with the magician that I submitted some time back. When I sketched out this dragon I didn’t need to do it on paper because I already had a mental picture on how I wanted her to look. Yes I said her, I have plenty of tutorials on here that are males in some way, shape or form. This tutorial was sketched out and drawn in a way that would be easy for anyone to try and tackle. I made her purple because all my other dragons are drawn and colored green, blue, orange, black or red. This drawing lesson will show you how to draw a purple Japanese dragon step by step. I hope you all learn something new from this drawing lesson and I promise that I will be back with more drawing fun. Hang in there gang there is more on the way.

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