How to Draw a Baby Dragon


Start with three circles. The chest circle should be longer and thicker than the other two. The hip circle should overlap the chest circle a little bit.


Next, add two half ovals to the bottom side of the head. This is our dragon's mouth. Add two lines coming out from his head to represent the horns. And now for our line of motion. The line of motion starts at the back of the dragon's head, runs down    


Now for our dragon's wings. Since he's a baby, they will be small. Draw a line from the line of motion towards the outside of the dragon's body. Draw a steep line up towards its head, then a gently curved line towards its tail. Draw more steeply curv   


Now for his arms. They will also be small, since he is just a baby.


Now we get to the good stuff. Start to flesh out your dragon. To make it easier to understand, I've only fleshed out the body and the basic shape of the head.


Clean up your lines a little bit and flesh in the arms, legs, and the little bit of the head that was left. Leave the hands and feet empty for now.


Again, clean up some of the lines and do the wings. The wing in back will be thinner than the one in front . Add the wing membrane. The membrane attaches at the dragon's thighs, so draw it going behind the dragon's leg.


Now for the feet. Draw them in and only one hand.


Draw in the other hand.


Draw in his eye,nostrils, and whatever head decorations you want.


Add his flame (or not) and you dragon is almost done!


Here is the finished dragon. Cute little baby dragon!

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October 28, 2008

Description: How to draw a cute little baby dragon!

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