How to Draw a Poppet from Moshi Monsters

How to Draw a Poppet from Moshi Monsters
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We can begin with a head guide then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Begin forming the shape and style for the top of the Poppet's head. When that's done draw in an ear.


Draw in the bangs and then you can move to step four.


Here we will define the shape of the face and then draw in the other small ear.


Use the facial guidelines to draw out the large shapes of the eyes, then color in some pupils. Draw the nose, mouth and whiskers.


Almost done folks. All you have to do now is draw the stubby arms.


Draw the left leg and boot, then move to step eight.


We will draw in the right leg and foot like so, then move along to step nine.


Lastly, draw the sleeve lines to form cuffs, then draw the circle on the chest. Erase the guidelines and you're done.


Here is the line art for your Poppet from Moshi Monsters.

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April 7, 2015

How about an adorable tutorial on a bright pink character with a sweet face from Moshi Monsters. If you think the Moshi looks familiar, it's because Poppet is one of the most popular Moshi Monsters from the game. Having said that, here is how to draw Poppet, step by step from Moshi Monsters. Poppet is definitely a Moshi that is a must creation if you are fans of the game. It's a simple task to accomplish and I know folks will have fun.

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