How to Draw a Polar Bear

Artist: Dawn / January 5, 2008

Step 1.

Okay first draw a perfect circle for the head and a not so perfect half circle which will be his neck.

Step 2.

After that move on by making lines to form a frame for his body. Just look at the shape of the lines above and copy.

Step 3.

As you can see it is starting to take form. The lining you drew in the previous step was the front legs and part of the chest. What you do here is shape the rest of the bears legs and start to draw his back.

Step 4.

Make some minor details in the fur and make the out lines for the toes and hind leg.

Step 5.

Now we can start working on his face. Draw two small oval circles for the eyes a snout for the nose and a little line for his mouth. Also add the nails as well as his back lower leg.

Step 6.

Sketch out the ears as shown and put more detail in the hind foot.

Step 7.

At this point the polar bear has taken form and now is a good time to start erasing unwanted lines to clean up your drawing.

Step 8.

Add some puff to his fur and don't forget make those nails longer and a little thicker as well. After that your done your image should like like him. Good Job

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 5, 2008
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Description: Hi people of DragoArt. My name is Wolf_Rain, I am here today to share with you a tutorial on a favorite animal of mine, a Polar Bear. When ever I go to the zoo my first stop is to see this arctic animal. When you see them play they seem so graceful and docile, especially when they dive in the water and you see them swim. Though they look cute and cuddly I know for a fact one of these bears will rip you apart if you ever came in contact with one of them. For a while I use to ask my myself “how do I draw a polar bear?” Then one night I decided to try it out. I began to start a sketch that would take me almost a month to complete. I didn’t just want to draw a bear and throw it up. I really wanted to take my time with this piece. After I finished I scanned the image into my comp and began creating the tutorial and focused on simple steps to show you how to draw him. I think he came out gorgeous. I’m really proud of myself with this sketch because it shows how kind they look but also how fierce they really are. I should have made the nails a bit longer and bolder but that is why I’m pointing that out to you now so you know not to make the same mistake. Well have fun drawing this white arctic bear.