How to Draw a Bear

Artist: Dawn / January 19, 2008

Step 1.

The first step is to draw one humongous circle for the body, and one smaller circle for the head of the black bear.

Step 2.

Next Sketch out the ears on both sides, which look like upside down "U" s, move down and start sketching out the snout and the nose. Move down on your sketch pad and sketch the front leg, give it a shaggy look while sketching.

Step 3.

Now lets work on the black bears back, and hind legs. Again with a shaggy stroke sketch the back lining starting fro the lower back up to the back of the ear on the right. Simply sketch a shaggy line like an inch apart from the top of the back going    

Step 4.

Define the bears body with lots of line art. Keeping your hand shaking for a shaggy look draw all the rolls that a black bear has. They have a lot of skin on their body so they have to look plump. Move up toward the face and make two small round circ   

Step 5.

Continue to add more fur detail to the body and finish off the hind leg. The nose needs to be defined as well with a simple horizontal line going across the nose , just a slight line. Draw the eyeballs and more wrinkles on the fur.

Step 6.

You are complete. That wasn't so bad now was it? Just color him in but before you do remember to erase all the guidelines from the drawing and clean up your sketch by erasing the dirty pencil marks too.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 19, 2008
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Description: Black Bear, these bears are referred to as aggressive, vicious, and evil. The fact is, the personality and nature of the Black Bear is often crossed with that of the Grizzly Bear. This lesson is going to teach you "how to draw a bear", step by step. The description of the black bear is as follows, they are about five to eight feet from head to tail, and they have small brown eyes, round ears, a huge round body, long nose, a short tail, and bushy fur. The black bear are way smaller then the grizzly as far as the height and weight. This particular bear can be found in North America with a population of over seven hundred thousand. They are identified in the wild by the color of their fur which is black or a dark brown. Of course the male bears are larger than the females. Their weights range from, one hundred twenty pounds to five hundred pounds. Now the weight of the black bear depends on their age and food consumption. Females weigh in from ninety to three hundred pounds. Remember, bears in captivity usually weigh more than normal. Mating takes place from late May to the being of July, the average female produces 1 cub with its first pregnancy, the numbers after that range from two, to sometimes three. The old theory goes that if you cross a mother black bear and her cubs she will come charging after you to attack. This is so not true. They are simply not known to kill people out defense for her cubs that is the description of a grizzly bear. If you live out in the woods Iโ€™m sure you get visits from time to time from the wondering bear that is always in search for food. Donโ€™t get me wrong I would never even try in a million years, attempt to confront one of these bears. I would rather stay on the safe side and protect myself from being ripped apart. This tutorial shows you "how to draw a bear" with only six steps, and easy to follow instructions. The sketch was fun to draw on paper, but not on Photoshop. I had to use a tool to make the fur, but that is easy to do when you sketch it out on paper. Leave me a comment on what you think of my art, I welcome criticism.