How To Draw a Pitbull

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Lets start this step with some basic guidelines for the frame of the pitbull. Draw a big bold circle at the top for the dogs head. Then draw two straight lines for the pitbulls neck. From those lines draw another larger circle for the broad chest, be   


Now in this step you will be sketching and drawing the rest of the frame work on the pitbull. Starting at the head sketch in light face lines in the shape of a plus sign to help you draw a symmetrical face. Then from that sketch the shaping of the sn   


Step 3 is all detail based. What you will be doing here is sketching in the definition to the pitbulls face. What you want to do is give him character with his handsome looks. Sketch in the eyes evenly with the guidelines that go across his face. The   


In this step it is real short and simple. What you will be doing here is sketching in the markings along the chest, paws and face. You could also create your own markings if you prefer. This happens to be an image of my dog Brody, and these are the m   


Here, you'll have to finish off the legs and the paws. You need to give some paws to the Pitbull or he'll be standing on nubs. Make sure you finish the hindleg as well. Ready for your finished lineart?


Here is what you should end up with after all that sketching and drawing. The American Pitbull Terrier. What I beautiful looking dog I have huh! Well that is all for this one see ya next time

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February 6, 2008

Description: The American Pitbull is probably one of most popular dogs owned in the United States as well as being one of the worst talked about dogs. Pitbulls are ancestors of the English bulldogs and terriers. Bulldogs were originally bred for bull baiting and vermin hunting. They were dogs that farmers used to bring in the bulls for breeding, slaughter or castration, and also to hunt down and kill vermin to prevent crops from being ruined by badgers or rats. After the parliament recognized what they were using these dogs for it was then passed as being a form of animal cruelty and banned bull baiting completely. After that died out, dog fighting was introduced which rapidly became a very popular sport. There was one problem; Bulldogs had absolutely no interest in dog fighting they were limp and oblivious to what was required from them to do. It was then decided to cross Bulldogs with the English black, white, and tan terriers and make sure that they were also bred with intelligence to stay focused during fights and yet docile toward their owners. These breed of dogs were known as the Staffordshire Bull Terriers. When the 1800’s rolled around, immigration to the United States became a common thing, and folks from Ireland and England brought an abundant amount of this particular breed along with them, mainly to Boston. Once being settled in their new country more breeding took place which made them larger, and stocker the outcome of this cross breeding process was the American Pitbull Terrier. When you go threw the tutorial and learn "how to draw a Pitbull", you will find that these dogs are beautiful. The shape of their body has a true masculine quality; you can actually see why this animal was used for fighting. They have a brick like head, with a thick strong neck, and a bold massive chest. Even though they are short and stocky, Pitbulls are extremely strong and agile for their size. This tutorial has easy to learn steps and instructions that will show you in detail how to draw a Pitbull. So get out your sketch book and a good pencil and give this dog some love.

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