How to Draw a Husky

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Okay as you know me and how I always start off my instructions, you are going to start off this step by drawing the guidelines of the huskies frame. Start at the right corner by drawing a round circle for the head and a real small circle for the sno   


Now in this step you will be working on the head and all four legs. Starting at the top like always draw a plus sign on the face so you will be able to line up the eyes and nose alot easier. Then sketch in the erect ears and the tip of the nose. Afte   


Now what you will do here is detail and define the entire dog. Sketch in the huskies almond shaped eyes and eye balls. Define the inner ear with some fur, also add the definition all over the body and tail with a puffy coat of fur. After you do all t   


Here you have the Siberian husky. All you need to do is give him a nice colored coat and give him a name. Good job! Now after all that hard work doesn't make you want to own one.

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February 7, 2008

Description: Mush, Mush, the words that are familiar to Alaskans that use Siberian Huskies to push sleds through the heavy snow for racing or for traveling. These dense coated working dogs originated in the eastern parts of the Siberian Arctic. These dogs eventually were imported to Alaska and spread through the rest of the United States and Canada. Now everyone knows that the husky was to be mainly a sled dog, but since these animals had such a docile disposition and very beautiful, they quickly became mans best friend. The husky has a very distinctive look; they have a thick heavy coat, a curved shaped tail, pointed ears, and remarkable markings. They almost have a similar appearance to the famous grey wolf. The difference between them is not a whole lot, maybe the legs, because the grey wolf has a slender bottom half and is a lot bigger than the Siberian husky, breeders think the resemblance is from how they were bred in isolation in the Siberian Arctic. The behavior of the husky is also interesting, they howl instead of bark, and they have a hyper active hunting drive, but unlike the wolf they don’t make an ideal guard dog. Huskies range in colors, black and white, grey and white, tan and white, and so on. They weigh anywhere between 45-60 pounds depending on care and breed, their almost 2 feet high, and can have up to 7 puppies in one litter. The prettiest thing about the Siberian husky is there eyes; they have blue clear eyes, and at times you will see brown or multicolored as well. A lot of folks that own a Siberian husky would say that they have a genuine sense of gentleness and devotion toward their owners, which make them a good household companion. When you are learning "how to draw a husky" online, you will find that this animal has a unique body structure and appeal. I can almost guarantee that after you are done sketching out the Siberian husky you will have the urge to own one. I included easy step by step instructions to make the whole drawing process easier. See ya

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