How to Draw Haruhi Fujioka

Artist: J_Mac09 / September 19, 2010

Step 1.

So lets start simple with guidelines. Draw the lines in for the head, then the body and arms. Lastly the legs.

Step 2.

Now its time to draw in the head. Start by getting the head shape and draw in the hair. Next draw in the mouth and nose, then lastly the eyes. Oh and the ears ^^

Step 3.

Now we are drawing in the upper part of her torso. Now even though she is a girl, her chest is flat as a cutting board (according to Kaoru/Hikaru). This is the toughest part. Remember she's wearing a jacket, then undershirt, then a tie. So draw all t   

Step 4.

Now we draw in the rest of the body by finishing off the last of the jacket. This is a quick and simple step.

Step 5.

This step is all about drawing in the arms and hands. Draw in the left arm and hand. Then move to the other one. Use the starting of the legs as assistance.

Step 6.

Now we will bring this drawing closer to finished. Draw in each leg and foot. After this you're almost done!

Step 7.

Lastly just erase useless guidelines and wa-la. You're done. Hope it came out great! Until next time... "Peace out suckas!" lol

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Artist: J_Mac09
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Description: Hey everyone! I'm back with a fresh new tutorial for ya'll. This time, I'm gonna help you learn "How to Draw Haruhi Fujioka". Who's Haruhi? Well I'm glad you asked... She... YES SHE!... is the min protaganist of a popular anime called Ouran High School Host Club. She's very intelligent, and admitted into the host club (more-so forced into it) after breaking a vase that cost like 8 million yen or something. So for the next 26 episodes she has to work as a host. She never kisses any of the host boys but it appears a connection with some XD. Idk, well here's the tutorial. Happy drawing!