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how to draw a ninja cat

Artist: flute11 / September 21, 2013
how to draw a ninja cat

Step 1.

lightly draw the shape of the body use different postures to adapt it slightly if you want.

Step 2.

next draw in the edge of the face. start by putting in the outlines of the hair

Step 3.

now draw in the neck and shoulders and start the top of the arms. make sure the arms are facing outwards like wings.

Step 4.

next join up the side fringe to the top fringe. draw in the eyes and add some eyebrows and a nose.

Step 5.

now draw in the final length of the arms and legs, at the end do a slight curve but do not join them yet

Step 6.

end the arms and legs with a little band. draw in the hands and feet.

Step 7.

draw in the tummy. Add on the tail with a ribbon near the tip.

Step 8.

draw in the ears and make sure they end in a point. then draw in the inner ear. line the bottom with small pointy lines

Step 9.

finally add in the hair. well done you have finished ninja cat. please leave comments on what you think of this tut and what things you woud like me to draw

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Artist: flute11
Date Added: September 21, 2013
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Description: he is the first of the pet girls series, and i would like to start with Ninja Cat. it is quick simple and fun.