How To Draw A Minotaur

Artist: Dawn / March 2, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step of drawing a minotaur you will be drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes to create a lined frame. Start by drawing a thick oblong looking shape for the head, then draw the facial guidelines inside. Next draw a boxed shape for   

Step 2.

Now here is where you will be drawing and sketching out the actual outside body structure of the minotaur. But first get the face sketched in by drawing out the bull features. Small eyes and a large nose tip and snout. Make sure you draw the nose lin   

Step 3.

Now here in step 3 which also happens to be the last step you are going to draw out the rest of the bull horns. What you are also going to be doing is sketching and detailing parts of the neck, face, and ears. After this is all complete you can then    

Step 4.

And after all the drawing and detailing is done you should have a finished sketch looking like this. Pretty cool and simple huh. Well that concludes this tutorial on the minotaur, I will see you with another tutorial soon.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 2, 2008
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Description: This is going to a fun tutorial because you are going top learn how to draw a Minotaur. For the people that do not know what a Minotaur is, he is the monster that was half bull and half man that was sentenced to live out the remainder of his life in a gigantic labyrinth. Who wants to hear the full story on this self made monster? What, you all do? Okay then let’s proceed on with the tale of the Minotaur. First the Minotaur is a monster from Greek mythology, although he doesn’t play a big part of the Greek history, he still holds a memorable role that led him to be a myth. The Minotaur was one of the dark creatures that were part of ancient legend. This tale all starts with Minos, the king of Crete. King Minos received an intriguing and beautiful perfect gift from the Greek god Poseidon. It was a stunning all white bull. This bull was to be used as a sacrifice and be presented to the great god of the sea. Now, because this animal was so beautiful, King Minos could not bring himself to sacrifice this perfect creature. Instead he kept the bull from the God Poseidon. As legend has it, Poseidon was furious that Minos didn’t fulfill his duty, so in turn he punished the king by putting a curse on his wife Pasiphae. Minos’s wife had an unnatural passionate love for the animal. She desired to be with the beast and was determined to make her cursed passion a reality. Queen Pasiphae had no choice but to submit her undying lust to the animal. She then went to seek help from the inventor and craftsman Daedalus, he built a wooden bull that she could step inside of and mate with the white bull, this concluded the desire she felt. What the queen was left with was the birth of an unnatural monster that was half bull and half man. He was referred to as Minotaur or the bull of Minos. Ashamed and worried, king Minos tried hiding the monster in a deep confusing maze called the labyrinth. So the Minotaur lived out the remainder of his days alone in an isolated gloomy maze, the sad thing is, it was at no fault of his own. This monster was created by the hand of a human and a god, but for some reason the half animal half bull was being punished for Queen Pasiphae’s curse. Now the myth goes, every 1-9 years seven maidens and seven young men are sent to the beast from Athens to satisfy the monsters appetite, and it was in this horrible custom developed from the kings and gods that led to the death of the Minotaur’s life. The Greek hero Theseus was a volunteer to be sent in as a decoy of a young man for sacrifice. With the help from princess Arisdne, Theseus was able to get into Crete. Once inside and thrown into the labyrinth, Theseus fought and defeated the monster, and ended his horrible existence of a life of solitude. Though it seemed wrong, the warrior actually did the beast justice by relieving him of his lonely life and ending the slaughter of innocent young adults. This tutorial will show you how to draw a Minotaur step by step. The instructions are easy and you will soon be on your way of sketching your very own Greek monster.