How To Draw a Bee

Artist: Dawn / March 3, 2008

Step 1.

As always step one shows you what to do first. And what you are going to do first is draw out the guidelines and circle shapes to produce a frame of the bumblebees body. Starting at the bottom of the image draw a circle for the head, then a rounded o   

Step 2.

Okay here is the beginning of step 2. What you want to do here is detail and sketch out parts of the bumblebees body. Starting with the legs sketch in the outer frame each leg gets 4 oblong circle drawn on them. Then sketch in the fuzzy coat in front   

Step 3.

Now this is going to be a very short step because it will be your last. Here you will detail and define all four of the legs. And fuzz up the top part of the body as well. Remember that the bumblebees body is covered with pile which gives the appeara   

Step 4.

Okay that is it you are finally done. See that wasn't so bad now was it. All you need to do now is color your bumblebee in and have a blast doing it. You can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint whatever you choose. Have fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 3, 2008
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Description: Everyone loves the look and appearance of a cartoon bumblebee. Well this tutorial will be on "how to draw a bee", but not a cartoon version just your typical backyard flying pollen extractor. Not only do bumblebees have that fantastic color hue of yellow and black but they also serve a purpose for our environment as well. But first lets talk about their personality, for starters they are known to be social insects with a fuzzy band of colors like black and yellow, but there are also bees that have no color at all just an all black coat, and then there are some that have hues of red or orange. The hair that is most often seen on the common bee is called pile; this substance covers their entire body from head to tip. The closest relative to the bumblebee is the honey bee, and like the honey bee they feed on the nectar of flowers and gather pollen to feed their family. There are well over 200 species of bees in existence today with 15 subspecies as well. As with other anthropoids, the bumblebee’s blood sits in an open circular system with the heart, muscles and other body organs. Bumblebees can be found in high latitudes like North America with a total of 50 species being found there. Just like the honey bee they live in colonies with a queen for a leader who of course is the egg layer as well. The workers in a bee colony are typically females or daughters of the queen and males or drones are produced during mating season. Did you know? Colonies of bumblebees only survive through warm climates; queens hibernate alone during the winter months and start all over again by forming a totally new colony, weird huh. Now I know what you are all asking, do bumblebees die after they sting you? Well the answer to that question is no. The bumblebee doesn’t have a barbed stinger; this means they are able to sting more than once, unlike their cousins the honey bees. Another interesting fact is, only females and the queen bees can sting, male bees do not sting because they have no stinger. The reason why a honey bee dies after she stings someone or something is because when they pull themselves away from the object they have stung, they often pull away to hard which results the loss of her poison sac and parts of her abdominal contents, sad huh. Well enough with the sob story and on with learning "how to draw a bee" which this tutorial will show you how to do step by step. The instructions are easy to follow and I guarantee you will have a load of fun.