How to Draw a Minecraft Creeper, Minecraft

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Start this first step by drawing a simple square shape.


Draw out the long blocky body like so, then make another square shape for the bottom of the Creeper's body.


Detail the head like so, then draw the parting lines that will form the feet and or legs.


Lastly, draw in the digital face which is very simple as you can see. I doubt that you made any mistakes along the way, but if you did now is the time to erase them all.


Here is your Creeper when you are all done drawing it out. I hope you had fun folks.

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June 18, 2012

Description: I find it almost ridiculous to even write a description on these characters from the online game Minecraft. I remember my brother playing this game almost all the time and when he did I used to say, “what kind of stupid game is that?”. I didn't know that there was more and more kids like my brother that played such a simple looking digital game. The worst part is the characters and setting of Minecraft is so primitive. The blocks, people, animals, and everything else that goes with it is so darn early eighties. Today I will be showing you guys "how to draw a Minecraft Creeper", step by step. Someone asked me to make this character into a tutorial so here it is. These Creepers are another popular hostile mob species that ambushes the player as well as explode while in the presence of the player. These monsters don't catch fire in the sunlight like Zombies and Skeletons do. Anyways, this is a pretty simple lesson that anyone can tackle so I know all you Minecraft fans out there will have a blast with drawing a Creeper. I will be back a little later with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what I have up my sleeve next. Peace out people!

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