How to Draw a Minecraft Zombie, Minecraft

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Begin by drawing a square block like so, then add the two dimensional detailing lines that will make the head look like a block.


Draw the eyes, and mouth like so, then add the tongue line.


You will now need to draw out the long arms and torso. Make sure that they are drawn in a blocky manner like you see here.


Next, add the detailing or definition lines on the arms and at the ends of each arm.


You will now finish this minecraft zombie by drawing out the hips, legs and then the bottoms of the feet. Add the detailing lines like so, and then you can clean up the drawing.


This is how your zombie looks when all is complete. Now you can color him in and be on your way.

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June 16, 2012

Description: I don't know where to start. This character is from an online game called Minecraft. A bunch of people kept asking me to make a tutorial on "how to draw Zombie from Minecraft", and since my brother was a huge fanatic of the game, I decided that it would be a good idea to fill the request. Anyways, these zombies are not just a bunch of blocks. They actually are supposed to resemble the player in some way, shape or form. They measure to be around two blocks tall, and one block wide. You can find a Minecraft zombie in dark or low lite areas like caves, and other areas. It's no surprise that these zombies are hated and are even a nuisance to the local villagers. They always attack the villagers whenever there are people out and about during night time hours. The ones that protect the villagers from zombie attacks are the Iron Golems which are huge creatures that where specifically made to do such a job. Anyways, when I made this tutorial all I could think about was a LEGO figure. Hopefully all you Minecraft fans enjoy this lesson on drawing a Minecraft zombie. I will return later with some more drawing fun so stay tuned in for more.

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