How to Draw a Lobster

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Start off this step by drawing guidelines for the lobster. It looks like a bunch of scribbled lines I know but they all will serve a purpose. Start by drawing a boat shape that will be the length of the body. Then draw two big oval circles inside of    


Now what you do here is put a little bit of detail in the lower part of the body which is the tail by sketching in some lines going across the tail. Next sketch out the definition in the lobster claw by outlining around the lines you make in step 1.    


Now in this step what you do is detail and define the tail ridges and draw the oval end of the tail, almost like a hammer head. Sketch in the two lines on each side for the legs that they crawl with and you should be done with this step. After you ar   


This step consist of just thickening up the tail legs under the solid part of the body and then sketch in one by one the little parts of the tail are separated from each other. After you do this you can go down below to do all the detailing and defi   


Here is where you will define and detail the lobsters claws and legs more. See those long antennas draw them out on both sides nice and evenly, then sketch in all those little spikes that lay along the lobster claws that always cut your fingers when    


There you have your very own lobster. You can keep it as a pet or keep him as a meal. Color him red and give him a name. Good job I know you had fun drawing a lobster.

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February 4, 2008

Description: Who here loves a good plump and tasty lobster smothered with butter? I know I do, and out of all the seafood out there that can be consumed by humans the lobster is probably on my top ten list of favorite seafood’s. When it comes to the lobster I don’t know too much and I’m sure that there is nothing interesting to learn from them. I do know that they can live to be 100 years old and that they are invertebrates that have an exoskeleton. In order for lobster to increase in size, they must go through a molting process which they go through their entire lives until they die. When they are molting they are in danger and can be eaten by other sea animals like fish or other crustaceans. As we all know lobsters live at the bottom of the sea under rocks, sand, or even mud. Lobsters are a very important part of human consumption and have bought to date a total of 1.8 billion dollars worth in the U.S alone. Lobster is so expensive that I can’t even afford to by them. An interesting recorded in the Guinness book of world records is the heaviest lobster ever caught was in Nova Scotia and weighed in at 45 pounds. I can remember buying a 15 pound lobster that cost me 50 bucks like ten years ago; it was so big that I had to stick it in the oven to cook. It came out pretty good though but it was impossible to salt because in wasn’t cooked in water. I basically made this tutorial because I wanted to put something weird but good up. I know you people are thing “how to draw a lobster"? I know crazy right, but I don’t think so, come on you guys are gonna tell me that drawing a lobster wouldn’t be interesting. We all eat them, well most of humans do. Okay well in any case this tutorial contains easy instructions so you can learn to draw this sea dweller. There is a total of six steps they are pretty easy. Have fun and try not to eat your paper when you are done with your sketch.

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