How to Draw a Lighthouse

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As you can see this first step is pretty simple. All you have to do is draw out the shape of the lighthouses bottom structure. Start by drawing two straight lines on both sides of the cylinder and then widen the lip as shown. Right now the lighthouse   


Now here in this step you will start drawing out the detailing lines that make up the roof and railings of the top of the lighthouse as shown. The railing consist of four horizontal lines and then a few vertical lines to make the surrounding area tha   


Okay as you can see you will start drawing the window frames for the mid part of the top of the lighthouse. Next detail the roof with lining and then detail and define the railing that wraps around the whole top part of the building structure. Now to   


Now that you are ion your last drawing step you will now start skecthing in the lamp unit itself as you see here. If you look at it it looks like a thick capitol "I". You will end this final step by sketching in the detailing marks on the side of the   


Now that you are dine with this tutorial you can customize it the way you see fit. Like coloring it in and building a rock or something that it is sitting on. I hope you have learned something from this online drawing lesson on how to draw a lighthou   

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October 13, 2008

Description: For my next tutorial I will be doing another lesson on a building structure that we are all familiar with. Today you will be leaning "how to draw a lighthouse", step by step. As you may know lighthouses are used to provide guide and aid to sailors or captains of small, medium and large boats. The lighthouse uses a system of lamps and lenses to let off a very bright light to help sailors and captains navigate through the sometimes harsh seas. Now naturally, lighthouses where built to label dangerous coastlines, and terrorizing shoals and reefs. Let's talk a bit about the design of a lighthouse shall we? First off the bright light that shines from a lighthouse is called a “lamp” no matter if the light is lit from electricity or oil. The hardness of light that is omitted comes from the lens or optic aspect of the lamps design. Back when lighthouses were a new structured creation, they use to keep a flame lit for the lamp. That means sailors had to rely on the light from a single burning flame to help guide their way onto shore safely and easily. The structure of a lighthouse is pretty basic even though they all differ in appearance and in size. They all have a light house station and the station consist of the lighthouse tower and all the surroundings buildings like the keepers living hut, the fuel house, the boathouse, and then the fog-signaling house. Some of the most beautiful and well known lighthouses are located on the East Coast of the United States. They are often referred to as New "England Lighthouses". Places like Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and New York have some of the most beautiful lighthouses in America. Of course there are other areas of United States South East coast that have exceptional lighthouses as well. Writer Steven King often uses lighthouses from Maine in almost all of his novels his early pieces. No matter how you look at them, lighthouses will always be considered “heavens light” for any man that chooses to sail the seas of the open waters. This tutorial will show you "how to draw a lighthouse", step by step. The lesson comes with simple instructions and easy to follow steps. I will be back tomorrow with more learning fun. But for now I have to ready my new layout that I have been working on for the past three days. So peace out folks I will be back on tomorrow (with tutorials that is).

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