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How to Draw a Kit Fox, Kit Fox

Artist: Dawn / February 21, 2012
How to Draw a Kit Fox, Kit Fox

Step 1.

We will be drawing the very small kit fox today from a frontal view or pose. To get started, all you need to do is draw two circle shapes which will be for the head and body. Lightly sketch in the facial guides as well.

Step 2.

Using the shape or head guide you drew in step one, begin sketching out the actual head and face structure of your kit fox. Start with the top by shaping out the large ears which should be drawn in an almost downward pose. Next, sketch in the sides o   

Step 3.

Using the facial guides, begin drawing the eyes, black markings that seems to form a pathway for the bridge of the nose, and draw the nose tip. Add the mouth, and whiskers, then lightly sketch in the detailing for the chin, ears and under the eyes li   

Step 4.

Get started with drawing the body by sketching the neck and chest of the animal. You will need to add some fur definition, as well as the shoulder.

Step 5.

Continue the same lining by drawing the front legs and paws. Notice how the toes are nicely arched and the hair and nails are also incorporated. Before you leave this step, add some fluff of the kit fox's coat to the right hand side.

Step 6.

Finally, draw the back end of the fox, as well as the long busy tail. See, I told you this lesson wouldn't be that bad. Don't forget to draw in the back paw as well as clean up the sketch.

Step 7.

When all is said and done, you should have a drawing like the one you see here. Now you can color in your new fox species to your liking.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 21, 2012
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Tags: how to draw foxes, how to draw fox
Description: I have two animal species going up that are interesting and beautiful, as well as odd and unique. To start I will show you "how to draw a Kit fox", step by step. A lot of you must be wondering what the heck a kit fox is, because I know it’s not a common fox species that you have heard of before. The kit fox is a fox species that is mainly found in North America around the southwestern parts of the United States, as well as northern and central Mexico. What makes them so unique from the Canidae species is how small they are. These foxes only grow to weigh a whopping three and a half to six pounds, and reach lengths of up to twenty one inches long. That is about the size of a newborn baby. What’s even more interesting is the size of their ears. Kit foxes have really large ears that span out to almost four inches. These very same ears help heighten their hearing, and also help them lower their body temperature when necessary. As for their diets, these little fox like eating rabbits, prairie dogs, lizards, insects, snakes, fish, birds and yes even kangaroo rats. I guess you could say that they eat everything but the kitchen sink. Did I mention that they are mainly nocturnal animals and they do most of their hunting at night? Well, I think I’ve said all I can about this animal, it’s now your turn to get busy drawing a kit fox of your own. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, rating, or both. Have fun and stick around!