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Drawing Tails, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails

Artist: MoonTP / August 27, 2011
Drawing Tails, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails

Step 1.

Again, I start with drawing tips. You can just skip them if you are a professional and know the character well... Anyway, TIP A. Tails' head is NOT a circle! It looks somewhat like a bucket and concaves on its sides; eyes bent outwards, not inwards   

Step 2.

TIP C. Body is shaped like an upside-down bucket and is more round from below than from above, but not too much; the body mark is copying the shape of Tails' body. Strands of fur are lower than mark's top, and there are 3 of them. The top one is us   

Step 3.

TIP F. A shoe is shaped like a rectangle with round front side; the sole is flat; the shoe is divided in 2 parts. The front one is bigger and stands out on top. TIP G. The sole is flat on behind and isn't going up like soles of Sonic's shoes; a   

Step 4.

We start our drawing with the guidelines. The head has the shape of a bucket, remember? ) Tails' height is about 3 of his heads.

Step 5.

Draw the head's shape (mine is crooked a little ^^'), its top and bottom are rounded, as well as its 'ends' *or edges? What is a right word for them?*. The sides concave a bit. Also draw lines for eyes and muzzle.

Step 6.

Add the muzzle (without fur strands yet) and draw bucket- or pear-shaped body. Note that it is smaller than the head.

Step 7.

Give the thickness to arms and legs. Remember that legs grow closer to body's center line than to its 'edges'.

Step 8.

Draw the hands (they're shorter than head), figure out where feet will be now, if it's needed. Feet are about the head's length. I also drew ovals in place where will be cuffs.

Step 9.

Draw the eyes (their top is more sharp than round) and basic shape of tails. They get thicker when close to their center.

Step 10.

Now we draw ears. They grow from the head's 'edges', not from its top. Here Tails is looking down a little bit and because of that his ears are not on the very top of his head, like they usually are drawn. Don't forget the triangle line inside the ea   

Step 11.

The last change for the boots, hooray! Add soles and divide shoes on 2 parts. Remember that front halves stand out. Draw guidelines for the fringe. They look up, not down because in this drawing Tails is falling or something like that...

Step 12.

Draw the fringe itself. Lower strands cover the upper ones, not vice versa like when the fringe is down. Time for drawing the cuffs in place of that ugly scary ovals from previous steps. The straps are under the cuffs, not on them, and are covered b   

Step 13.

Draw the bodymark, without fur yet. I slightly changed lines of the body. See how its bottom covers legs? Add fuzziness to the tails. The fur is directed to their ends, not against them. Some strands of fur can be directed to the side but not behind   

Step 14.

Add marks on tips of the tails. They take almost the half of tails. *Many artists, instead of the marks, draw fur strands and shadows under them to show how the fur stands out. Please do not do the same. The tail will look ragged and unsightly.* Sk   

Step 15.

Draw the fur on the muzzle and the body. There are 4 strands on cheeks and 3 on the chest. The head is downward, and so the cheek line covers the fur and not vice versa. The chestfur covers the bodymark. *The fur strands actually do not look like fe   

Step 16.

Coloring tips: Tails' fur color is actually closer to yellow, not orange like I did; the shoes are not bright red, they're darker and sometimes have the color of cherries; eyes are sky blue, not dark blue or aquamarine.

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Artist: MoonTP
Date Added: August 27, 2011
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Tags: how to draw sonic characters
Description: Hello to artists who read this! That's my second tutorial of drawing sonic characters, and it is all about Sonic's best buddy - Miles 'Tails' Prower, a cute clever little fox with two tails that I believe no one can dislike. While reading this tut, you can think that I talk too much, and you'll be right. But as long as my explanation helps you, I won't say less. By the way, if you see any mistakes in my writings, please tell me about them... English is not my first language, so I can't use it perfectly and need to improve.