How to Draw a Jester

Artist: Dawn / March 12, 2009

Step 1.

Are you ready for some easy fun or what? Good, then start this step by drawing out a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Now you will start this step by first drawing out the shape of the jester's face like the left cheek and then the long pointed chin. You will finish off this step by drawing the ear and jawline.

Step 3.

Then, it's time to add the long pointed nose. Having longer noses will create a very creepy appearance for your jester.

Step 4.

Next, draw the large open mouth and the eyes to create a truly freaky appearance. See how cool he's coming along? Don't forget extra details like the ear definition as well as the smile wrinkles.

Step 5.

Lastly, add the row of teeth to give this guy his creepiness!

Step 6.

Ok, let's work on the Jester's hat to finally give this guy his finish. Make sure you draw the base of the regions of hat a sharp arch. This will give the Jester an overall creepy and tense complexion. Don't forget to draw the jingling balls at the e   

Step 7.

Add the last back hat piece and...

Step 8.

Once you have cleaned up your drawing you should have something that comes out looking like this! All you have to do now is color him in and remember to get creative. You have just learned how to draw a Jester step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 12, 2009
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Description: Have you ever breezed through a deck of playing game cards and looked at the jokers that are printed on two cards of the deck? Well if you notice their images they are not jokers at all. Instead they are what you call jesters. I wanted to do another cool looking tattoo image so when I was playing fish with my little sister I came across the joker card and thought “yeah, what a good idea”. So, for the first lesson of the day I will show you how to draw a jester step by step. If you’re wondering what exactly a Jester is, I will tell you now. A jester was a man that would entertain a King back in the middle ages. They are also called jokers, jokesters, fools, wise-crackers, pranksters, and buffoons. The most common object that gives away what these entertainers are is their bright colored and odd designed hats. They are called “the cap n’ bells”. It is a cloth made hat with three fingers or horns with a bell on each finger. The reason why the hat only contains three fingers or horn like shapes is because it’s suppose to represent donkey ears and tail. Each finger has a bell hanging at the end and it is the most important part of the jesters outfit. When I started the sketch for this jester I wanted to make sure that it was drawn out in a very attractive manor so that it would almost look like a sticker you would find in those gumball machines. I really did have a good time with this tutorial and I wish I could have drawn it live because you guys would have had so much fun as well. Learning how to draw a jester step by step is fun and creative because you can color the hat and face any way you like with any shade you have in mind. I will return with more drawing fun, but in the mean time tackle this lesson until my return. Peace out.