How to Draw a Heron

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Okay start this step by drawing out the basic shapes and guidelines for the blue heron bird. Start with an egg shapes head and then a long curly line for the neck. Once that is done draw his rock shaped body and then add the shapes for the beak, wing   


Now that you have drawn out the shapes and guidelines you will add the feathers on the bottom of the wings and then thicken the neck. You will draw out the wing bone and then the thigh shapes and make sure that they are feathery. Once that is done yo   


Now that you have made it to step three you will add a line down the middle of the beak. Add some detailing feather lines on the herons neck, stomach and wings. Draw some more feather shapes on the top of the feather tips that you drew in the previou   


Well you have made it to the last drawing step. What you will do here is add the black feathers on the top of the head and then add more detailing feather shapes under his right wing. Finish off the feet and add some nails. Erase all the steps that y   


Once you are done your drawing will come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color this bird in and your done. Guess what you have done? Just learned how to draw a heron bird step by step. I hope you had fun.

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December 19, 2008

Description: Hello everyone it’s me Dragon_Queen and I am back with another drawing tutorial for all you fellow artist out there that love drawing as much as I do. In this next lesson I will be showing you "how to draw a heron", step by step. Now these birds to me are beautiful and because their bodies seem so long they carry a sense of grace. These birds are what you call “waders” and their main hang-outs are at coastlines, marshes, and near the shores of ponds or streams. Now if birds could be teachers the heron would be an expert at teaching someone how to fish because they are highly skilled in this field. The heron have a very successful technique down when they are hunting fish. What they mainly do is stand still in the water and walking slowly almost like creeping. As they do this they wait for fish to swim near their long necks and sharp knife like bills. Once the fish is in range they will then attack with a swift deathblow with their sharp bill killing the fish instantly from being swallowed whole. Even though these fish may seem like they have everything under control, there has been occasions where heron have been known to choke to death on fish that are too big when swallowed whole. The heron is a very slender bird and because of that they reach heights of up to five feet. An even more impressive quality of the heron is their wingspan. They have an amazing five to six and a half foot wingspan which makes watching heron fly the skies a true sight to see. Another interesting fact about herons is that they thrive on hunting alone but prefer to nest in colonies. When mating season approaches they will reside in tall trees or nest in low shrubs depending on the bird. A female heron will produce anywhere between two and seven eggs and both male and female birds take turns protecting their unborn young. This bird is visually enchanting and almost resembles the flamingo bird. With this drawing lesson you will learn "how to draw a heron", step by step. I drew a nice vivid background so that the image is pleasing to the eye. I will be back with one more lessons so stay tuned.

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