How to Draw a Halloween Moon


Start off with a circle for the head and a bean shape for the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines then you're done.


Now you can use the circle you just made to draw out the shape of the face. Sketch in the ears, then draw the spiked lining to form the sides of the face.


Use the facial guidelines to draw out the big round eyes, then add a tiny nose and mouth. Draw the whiskers, and scuff inside the ears.


You will now draw the outlined shape of the moon which is in a crescent style.


How to Draw a Halloween Draw in the thick long front legs and chunky paws. Add the toe lines and hair on the elbow.


The only thing you have to do here is draw out the spiked arched back. Add some other hair scruff.


Draw the legs starting with the thighs, then draw in the paws and stomach which is in a sunken in pose.


To finish the cat off all you have to do is draw the big bushy tail, and when you do this make sure the edges are pointed.,


Now you can add those crater holes on the moon. As you can see the sizes vary. Erase mistakes and guides to finish everything off.


That is all she wrote folks. Color in your drawing for this Halloween moon. I'm sure you will find a place for this drawing before Halloween arrives.

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September 25, 2013

Description: I saw some art on one of those sheets of peel and cling Halloween window decorations in the store the other day, and I was looking for any ideas that I might have missed in the Halloween department. To my surprise I have covered basically everything. Everything except one thing; a drawing of a crescent shaped moon with a black cat standing on the ledge with it's back spiked. Today I will show you how you can draw a Halloween moon with simple steps. In the original picture on the clingy thingy, the cat was taller, slender and more cartoony instead of anime-ish and the moon was thicker with a face. I cut out the face and made the moon slender and cat thicker. I think you will enjoy drawing a cat in the moon the way you see it here. I still have one more lesson coming your way so stay tuned in.

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