How to Draw Zyro From Beyblade


Begin by making the outline for the head and then draw the torso and arm guides. Also sketch in the facial guidelines too.


Here is where you will sketch out the shape of Zyro's face like so, then incorporate the ear shape and hairline which is a jagged cut.


Use the facial guidelines to draw out the eyes, then draw the nose and mouth.


Completely draw out the hairstyle so that it is wild and big. The edges should be pointed.


Draw out the neck, chest and the collar for the jacket. You will also need to draw in the rest of the lining to create more of his clothing.


Sketch out the arms and shoulders like so, then draw the detailing to the material.


Finish Zyro off by add a pocket, some markings on the jacket, then some wrinkling on the shirt. Erase your mistakes before you leave.


Here is how the drawing looks when you are all done. Now you can color him in.

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August 30, 2013

Description: This is a lesson for all you Beyblade fans out there who have been waiting for the tutorial on "how to draw Zyro", step by step. Out of all the lessons I upload on Dragoart, Beyblade is one of the series that I do not watch at all. I'm not a big fan of Beyblade, but my fourteen year old brother used to be so I know how addictive both the game and series can be. Drawing Zyro should be relatively easy for artists of all skill levels. Nowadays I try and make the tuts easy to follow and tackle because I know not everyone is a pro or even above average when it comes to drawing. I do hope that you all enjoy this tut, I will be back with a few more lessons today so even though its Labor Day weekend, try and stay tuned in.

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