How to Draw a Dead Dog


Begin with guides for the head and body and then draw out the guidelines for the face and legs.


Next up, draw out the shape of the dog's head in the form of a skull and then draw the wide eye sockets followed by the snout and teeth. Don't forget those cavity holes for the nostrils.


Next, we will add the shapes of the oversized ears and be sure to add some tears and a hole. Add definition to the skull and then move along.


We will now tackle the body. Start with the front legs and paws and then move to the back leg and paw. Add the nails for each toe and give the body some detailing with bone definition and skin wrinkles.


Draw out the back part of the body as well as the other leg. Notice how the rib cage is visible and the back toes also have nals. Draw the body to look emaciated.


Add the definition for the ribs as well as the back hock parts of the legs.


Lastly, draw a tail with a demon tip and then color in the hollows of the eyes and nose. Erase the mistakes and guides.


You're done. That's it. Go ahead and color in this drawing of a dead dog.

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May 8, 2020

Description: Hey guys, before the new lessons come out I wanted to get the remaining two uploaded from last week. I didn't upload them because I wasn't sure what to title them so I finally said screw it, and gave them titles that they were meant to be. Here is how to draw a dead dog, step by step. This dog has a skeletal face and an emaciated body. The idea behind these dead animals (next lesson) was the fact that in one day I drove by a dog that was just hit by a car and not even three hours later I saw a dead cat on the side of the road. So, having said that, I do hope you like this lesson on drawing a dead dog. I will be back with the other in a moment.

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