How to Draw Zodiac Sign Picies

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Okay are you ready for this next tutorial or what? You will start this step by drawing out the shapes and guidelines for the fish. Draw two circle for the head, add the eye shapes and then start drawing the guidelines for the body and tail fins. See,   


In this next step your fish will start looking like fish. You will now draw out the shape of the nose and then draw out the lining for the body. Once that is complete you can go ahead and start drawing the beautiful lining fro the fins. The lines res   


Well you have reached step three and that usually means you are almost done. What you will be doing here is adding the curly lines for the fins and shape them out as well. Once that is done you can move down to the next step where you will see what t   


Do you see the glyph in the background? That is the symbol for the Pisces sign. Once you have drawn out the glyph you can go ahead and color it in. Add some last minute designs around the eyes and then you can erase all the guidelines and shapes that   


And here we have the fish and the glyph from the Pisces sign. ALl you have top do now is color it in and you are done. You have just learned how to draw zodiac sign Pisces step by step.

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January 27, 2017

Description: Well I am back with yet another exciting drawing lesson for all you fellow artist that come to visit With this tutorial I will be showing you how to draw zodiac sign Pisces step by step. I said that I was going to submit one zodiac sign every day until all twelve were up. If you are a Pisces your birth date falls between February 19th to March 20th and your symbol is the fish. The Pisces is described as being the mystic one out of the Water signs and you may even be a mystery to yourself. Your element is water and that means you have a strong sense of feeling, your motivation comes from strong emotions, and you also have visionary impulses that enable you to read people very well. Another feature about the Pisces sign is that you are very creative and gifted at working with other people and sometimes you tend to be predictably unpredictable toward yourself and with others. Your ruler is planet Jupiter which is the “Planet of Wisdom”. Your metal is tin and pewter and if you are a Pisces than you probably like the colors; mauve, purple and sea blue because you are ruler of these colors. The Pisces likes the following foods; leafy vegetables, cucumbers, strawberries, raisins, dates, figs and nuts and the reason why you like these foods is because your element is water and all of the foods listed need water to thrive. One last thing beautiful thing about the Pisces sign is that they are rulers of White flowers and orchids, and all sea plants, ferns and mosses. This makes the Pisces a very calm and understanding individual that cares for others emotions as well as being very sensitive. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to draw zodiac sign Pisces step by step. Like always all the instructions are easy to read and the steps are simple to follow. I will be back with one more drawing tutorial for all of you members and visitors of

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