Graffiti-like Word art in 10 steps

Artist: Bgirl / April 1, 2012

Step 1.

Ok let's begin. This tutorial is for making Graffiti-like word Art on a paper (and I repeat on a Paper! not on the walls!). Here is the latin alphabet in an easy letter style. you can copy these to write any word. But to continue I will make the word   

Step 2.

So I draw the word like this. I believe it is easy to make the letters any style or way you want. Different letter styles are included in other tutorials. The first step is only to draw the letters with a pencil, better be HB or in the H scale. Make    

Step 3.

Now what must be done is to cover the pencil line with the colour line. For the colors I use Posca markers cause they can cover the already existing colour, but this can be done with other tools too, such us paint brush. And thus we have our structu   

Step 4.

Now fill the letters with the colour. You should not cover the pencil with black unless you plan to make the fill black too.

Step 5.

Now is the time to draw the main line. Usually it is black, as I did it there, but in art there are no limits or rules. You can make it any color you want.

Step 6.

Now let's do some magic. A nice trick to make a word look beautiful is to draw an outline. The outline is a line that usually "lies" on the main line, or sometimes has a tiny distance. Draw the outline with a different colour from the main line. As t   

Step 7.

In this step I draw white lines to give a feeling that the words are shining. Be careful where you put the lines in every letter! A nice way to know where to place them is to imagine there is a light source in the right side for example. Think of whi   

Step 8.

Now I draw a background pattern. A background is optional and is the most difficult part in my opinion. Here I draw a simple star-like one. It can be flames, Bubbles or anything else. So here you must draw the line with the colour you will fill it.

Step 9.

Now fill the Background.

Step 10.

And for the last step, you can draw a line on the background if you want. And that is it! There you have it ;) a word art! that is only a simple way to do it. You can also add your styles and ideas and make it your own. hope my tutorial helped :)

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Artist: Bgirl
Date Added: April 1, 2012
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Description: Ever wanted to accompany your drawing with a word art title? Ever needed to draw a graffiti on a wall in your drawing and did not know how? Making a comic and don't know how to draw the sound-words? then this tutorial is for you! step by step you can see how easy it is, learn some tricks and then add your own style!