How to Draw WileyKit and WileyKat, Draw the Thunderkittens

Artist: KingTutorial / June 28, 2011

Step 1.

Ok, guys. First we're going to start off with a basic cartoon skeleton under drawing. You have a simple ball for the head and a rectangular shape for the body. Bending the walls of that rectangle will immediately make your drawing more interesting. T   

Step 2.

After lightening up the guide lines, we'll start on the tufts of hair both characters have. Wily Kat, the boy, has a little rooster thing going on at this point. Wily Kit, the girl, has the hair hanging on her forehead.

Step 3.

Here we'll draw the hairline which will define the forehead and the sides of the face. As we reach the jawline, the hair bushes out into sideburns. Kat's sideburns are more straight, and Kit's sideburns bush out almost like flowers.

Step 4.

Now we'll draw the rest of the hair. Kat's hair is basically like Wolverine's, if you're familiar with him. The wavy lines on top are coming from a part in the hair which is currently behind that front tuft. Try to picture his hair parted down the mi   

Step 5.

Now it's time to draw the faces and finish up the heads. Basic anime proportions here. The most unique feature is probably the eyebrows, which are rather small. This really seems to make them look a lot younger than they did in the 80's cartoon serie   

Step 6.

Using the guide lines, draw in the belt buckle and a series of circles that will become buttons on straps and pouches.

Step 7.

Each kid has a small strap on one shoulder, and a belt covered in pouches. Wily Kat also has a full chest strap with pouches. Here we'll draw just the top flap of those pouches.

Step 8.

...and here we'll draw the bottoms of the pouches. The diagonal lines coming out from the buttons create folds in the fabric. With these overlaying accessories drawn we can move on to the clothing underneath.

Step 9.

Wily Kat is wearing a fairly stiff, almost Chinese style outfit. Maybe I'm just imagining that. Anyway, while Kat has a collar and a long shirt, Wily Kit just has a tube top thing. After drawing the outlines of these shapes, draw secondary lines insi   

Step 10.

Now we can start drawing the fabric of the arms. Try to imagine the cloth wrapping around the arm. On Wily Kat, we leave the lines at the bottom of the sleeve disconnected -- keeping in mind that the next section of arm will fill those gaps.

Step 11.

To make the arms a bit easier to draw, we'll skip to the hands and draw them first. Although the hands should be drawn fairly simple, you want to try to indicate claws at the fingertips. Just don't overdo it. I decided to add Wily Kit's skirt here so   

Step 12.

Ok, finally time to finish up those arms, and the entire upper body will be complete. The tricky part here is the bracelet and armlet. I tend to try to draw these things before drawing the arms themselves -- leaving the lines open so I can fill the a   

Step 13.

Here we'll start the boots. Man, Wily Kat's boots must be annoying for the animators to draw. I'm not sure what purpose these flaps serve, but they exist... so we'll have to draw them. We're basically dealing with a single piece of fabric with rope a   

Step 14.

Beneath those weird flaps, Wily Kat (the boy... I'm still confused by these names) has a diamond-shaped piece of cloth wrapped around the front of the ankle. Draw some wrinkle where the fabric hits the top of the foot. On Kit, add some seem lines on    

Step 15.

Now let's draw in the legs and feet. Kat's wearing pants, so his legs will be drawn wider than his sister's. Draw some wrinkly folds to indicate the fabric bunching up above the rope. For the feet, all the toes will come to a point, for claws. Don't    

Step 16.

With cat characters, I almost always forget to draw the tails. In the 80's series, these twins didn't have tails at all, so this is a bit different. Keep them narrow at the base and bushy at the ends.

Step 17.

...and there you have it. The finished line art. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to check out Dawn's other Thundercats tutorials, and keep an eye out for more Thundercats characters in the near future. Thanks for viewing!

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Description: Hey guys, here I'm going to draw Wily Kit and Wily Kat from the upcoming Thundercats cartoon series. You'll be learning "how to draw Wily Kit" and "how to draw Wily Kat", two adorable characters, or also known as "the Thunderkittens".