How to Draw Uncle Sam

Artist: Dawn / August 19, 2008

Step 1.

Begin this first step with the guidelines and shapes so you can make the frame of Uncle Sam. Start with an oval like circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the outline for his top hat and then make the outlines for his tors   

Step 2.

In this next step you will start to draw out or sketch in his face. Start with his busy eyebrows. Now draw out the almond shaped eyes and pupils. Next draw two "L" shaped lines to define his cheeks and then make his broad nose. You will now make the    

Step 3.

In this step finish off the lining for his hat and draw the line for the band. Now you will sketch in his wild looking hair that sticks out messily from his hat. Next draw the collar and the lining for his tie. The next thing you will do is detail th   

Step 4.

In this step all you will do is detail and define his face with some aging lines and color in his pupils. Next draw one full size star and two half stars. Detail his coat a bit more and then you can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that yo   

Step 5.

When your drawing is cleaned up he should come out looking like this. Take a red and blue crayon, marker, or paint and color him in. That is it you are done for real. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw Uncle Sam step by step. I will be bac   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 19, 2008
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Description: In this next tutorial I am going to show you all how to draw Uncle Sam. I know many of you know who this propaganda character is, and if you live in the United States you also know that you see him almost everywhere especially at army recruiting facilities that are scattered throughout the country. For those of you that are not familiar with this character let’s talk a bit about him. The image and use of Uncle Sam was first posted during the First War in 1812. The image of Uncle Sam is still being debated as to who posed for this character. Some believe that he was made in the image of a fella named Samuel Wilson. Sam Wilson ran a business in slaughtering and packing meat. While the war was going on he was the one that would send large shipments of meat to the fighting soldiers of the US Army. His shipments of meat were packed in wooden crates and he always stamped the initials U.S. on the front of the box. Someone from the army suggested that the initials stood for “Uncle Sam” Wilson. Now because of that suggestion, the meat shipments that came from Sam Wilson or "Uncle Sam" led people to believe that Uncle Sam was in fact a symbol of the federal government. The image of Uncle Sam has always remained the same. He wears a tall top hat which is colored white and has a thick blue band with white stars. He also wears a navy blue colored coat and a red scarf like tie. He is an older man with white hair and a white goatee. His face carries a very serious look of demand. The background for Uncle Sam is sometimes that of the United States flag or all white. He is always pointing his finger right at you saying “Yeah you”. Some of the posters came with saying like “I want YOU for U.S. Army” or “Watching YOU”. A lot of Americans also associate Uncle Sam with the IRS. Because of that, we as Americans feel threatened and we fear our government. Now a days more and more people are learning that freedom shouldn’t have to come with a price. Our four fathers wrote the bill of rights to protect our rights and our freedom. Yeah sure there are still people out there that believe that they should give up some of their liberties to keep their freedom, but does that make any sense at all? How do you give up liberty for freedom when the two are the same? Uncle Sam has been a part of American culture since the early 1800’s and who knows maybe his face will stay, or maybe it will go. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw Uncle Same step by step. The steps and instructions are easy to read and follow insuring that you will be able to draw him with ease. Have fun and I will be back soon with another tutorial for you all to learn from.