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How to draw tribal cats

Artist: blackdragonman / November 8, 2014
How to draw tribal cats

Step 1.

Start with the cats heads make sure you do a light sketch so you can erase is if you make a mistake

Step 2.

Next draw the the cat on the rights body then inc it so you can erase the stray lines

Step 3.

Do the same with the left side

Step 4.

Next draw the japanese sign for love this part you can use a brush pen or inc but I used a marker you can ise whatever you want to use.

Step 5.

Next color the cats, I made them like yin and yang cats but get creative color them whatever you want,

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Artist: blackdragonman
Date Added: November 8, 2014
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Tags: how to draw tribal cats
Description: This tutorial shows you how to draw tribal cats