How to Draw Tip From Home


Make the framework for the body starting with head and torso.


Draw in the shape of the face and her face should be stubby. Begin drawing the hairstyle. The hair should be curly with some of her curls hanging on her forehead.


Draw in Tip's face starting with her big eyes. The lashes should be bold, dark and pointed at the ends. When you are done with that draw the nose and then draw in her lips or mouth.


Finish drawing Tip's hairstyle. As you can see it's big, puffy and full of curls.


Add the shape of Tip's neck, then draw in the sweater collar followed by the drawstrings from the sweater or hoodie.


Now finish drawing her torso which is the rest of the sweater. Add the arms folded on her hips, then add the end or bottom to her shirt or sweater.


You are almost done drawing Tip Tucci folks. All you have to do here is draw in her legs. The thighs should be thick, and the further you go down the more the legs get narrower.


Finish everything off by drawing her small feet in the form of sneakers. Then draw in the front pocket on her hoodie sweater. Add the detailing to the cuff of the sweater sleeve as well. Erase your mistakes and you are all done.


That's it folks. The drawing should come out looking like the line art you see here. Just color Tip in and that's it.

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November 29, 2014

Description: Although when I first seen the trailer for the new upcoming film 'Home', I thought the human figure was a boy. After watching the trailer further I came to realize that Tip Tucci was in fact a girl. So here is my second lesson on one of the main characters from Home, how to draw Tip, step by step. Tip Tucci is going to be voiced by the talented singer Rihanna. She is a normal, simple looking young girl that becomes good friends with Oh as they run from the Boovs. Drawing Tip will be fun and easy, and I have to say Home looks like it will be a hit.

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